That one moment i realized something is rly wrong

i played zane today, and it wasnt until i used clone plus hellwalker that i realized how broken this game is…
how can my clone deal 12mil dmg per shot and shoots like a machine gun, while the same wont happen with any other weapon i give my clone, or even any weapon i use

i stood there watching how my clone literally onetapped 3 enemies at one shot, while i used anything else and took more then 3 shots at times, its kinda weard

but it clearly shows where this game is just broken
then again once i go to something like guardian takedown i have the issue where my clone deals NORMAL dmg, and i have to use rly broken weapons cuz nothing else will do

going back to the moment where my clone cleared everything one tap
why did i even start the game up, i stood there and watched my clone clear the area instantly

i feel like this should not be a thing somehow


Fortunately Zane has THREE other actions skills, so if you don’t like the clone, don’t use it, let alone CAPSTONE IT and complain about it being powerful.


I really don’t like this type of answer. The game is really unbalanced in it’s current state, the solution to that isn’t to ignore every over/underperforming aspect like it doesn’t exist.


I thank you so much for this. In months and months that the community struggled to find a solution for the balance issues that are affecting the game, no one had ever thought of this.
The game can’t have issues if you just ignore them! This is game-changing, revolutionary. Please let me bear your children.


i like how the dumbest possible answere gets instantly bashed down with a shovel

insane how somebdoy can say
dont play the skill
ignoring the point that everything else feels like ■■■■

so between stuff that LITERALLY ONETAPS ENEMIES and stuff that TICKLES THEM SLIGHTLY
what egar can i even use then
literally nothing

also you asume i paid gbx another 15 bucks for that 4th skilltree
i dont
so i have 2
the drone which is a joke
and the barrier, which is bugged to death and back

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So… Your solution to problems is ignoring it?

Gotcha, i’m ignoring the intire game then (sarcasm aside, i actually am ignoring this game because it’s so broken)

I’ll say this again, they neee to overhaul the intire weapon system, difficulty scaling, mayhem mode and remove weaponscaling all together.

I’m using dome znd drone… It’s equally OP… Because of the radiation status i just have to headshot 1 enemy and everything on my screen explodes into a red and gold mist :expressionless: (mayhem 10/11)


I see that the suggestion of “if item X or skill Y are too powerful and hinder your enjoyment of the game, then don’t use it” did not go well. Not surprisingly.

But - it is a solution for a class of problems (“I am so powerful it makes game boring”) that is available to player and does not require immediate fix from developer. Not perfect solution, but it works. Not for everyone, obviously, as this thread proves.

Game does give you some options and workarounds, so I think it’s fine to use them when possible.


When one of the coolest concepts in the game stops being a fun thing to work with and instead just plays the game for you, yes, it’s a problem that needs to be handled on a developer level. Because at this rate, the “if it’s OP, don’t use it” answer is gonna leave is with Zane melee

they did what to melee? Oh hell

Nevermind, looks like all that’s left is the nerf gun from the pre-order bonus.


My solution certainly isn’t to break something that is performing well when properly invested into. Are the Clone and the MNTS powerful? Absolutely. Are the Drone and Barrier under-performing? Again, absolutely yes. However, I prefer to fix things that are literally broken (as in “not functioning properly or at all”; Distributed Denial and SNTNL cryo come to mind) rather than breaking things that are more powerful than a few players care for, just to bring them down to the level of the actually broken stuff.
You want the green and blue trees fixed? COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GREEN AND BLUE TREES. Don’t take away from the others skills like there’s only so much functionality to go around. THAT is some ignorant thinking.

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Most of us in this thread are asking for overpowered stuff to be brought down so the game retains a little bit of difficulty. Buffing everything else to match does the exact opposite of that.

Personally I wouldn’t call the blue tree underperforming, it has most of his kill skills as well as buffing and extending there duration. I get the “never nerf” mentality but for a game as poorly balanced as borderlands 3 that just isn’t a good option for them


personally i think they should devide the power inside the things that are broken and put that power into other things
my clone literally deals 12+ mil dmg per shot, now thats just insane
solution- make it so the clone loses half of this and instead it gives me while its active a dmg boost if i use the same weapon as the clone
grant me dmg reduction ( more )
mark damaged enemies so when i shoot them i deal a burst of bonus dmg

you know, give me some of its power

didnt rly nerf the thing that much since 6 mil dmg per shot is still INSANE, but i get something from that aswell and its not like i watch a movie

or you put some of that power into other actionskills
i mean it cant be that one actionskill is literall onehit
one tickles enemies
one if bugged
and the last one is broken again but costs you 15 bucks

ppl do say zane is fine, but rly the only trees that are making him fine are beyond broken vs the other two who are just there for decoration
blue and purple tree are insane… like what the actual ■■■■ are these trees, pure ■■■■■■■■ stats,
the green tree for example is a joke,

you cant tell me that zanes only real power is not infact being a stat stick who rly plays itself

moze for example ( i do not own dlc 5 so i dont have the cub) is in this place where she doesnt play herself, but her actionskill is rly ass if you do not play the thing itself
you cant even say, THEN BUY DLC 5 FOR THE CUB
which basically means you automatically agree the base game content is utterly underdeveloped / they didnt think it over / they do not care

i can go on and on how unfair some things are

why can zane have his mnts with that INSANE dmg, but fl4g cant have the same kind of stuff for his rakks?
or how is it IB can just with a machine gun deal 1-5 mil dmg per shot also, but in return amara who has a one time use groundpound or slam with a rly RLY long cd on a one time use actionskill deals virtually nothing?

there should be some rebalancing for these, and all of it points to, base game content was not designed for mayhem, while somebody like zane had to get 2 skills so broken it makes him viable at last, by breaking him. and all this while other characters do not get anything like that

if the world was a fair place amara would be able to use her 2 slam actionskills alot more often, AND deal alot more damage aswell, while fl4g had mnts dmg and cooldown on his rakks
while zanes drone AND shield would get de-bugged and buffed even if it coss him a nerf on the other 2

people who think everyone was runing pimper ahab sal ruined this game too by asking to one shot everything . haha JK gearbox did it themselves

Clone has some weird synergy with single shot reload weapons, plus he gets a ton of reload speed and fire rate from Boom! Enhance.

reload speed, my clone takes a hellwalker and uses it as a machine gun
vs like any other weapon where he kinda tries to shoot at times