That One Piece of Gear

Post that Piece(s) of gear that eludes you no matter how much you try to get possession of it.

For me was the Executive Insurance Policy, but after getting it a couple of months ago (not max roll, sadly) the one that has been dodging me at every corner is;

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I’ve been looking for it as part of my goal to build the ULTIMATE TANK! Sadly I’m bombarded with Friction Fritz and Anti-Motion Brace as if fate itself is laughing at my seemingly futile attempts at happiness. :frowning:

How about if I’m kinda just hoping it finds a way to me? Cuz Bola’s would count. I’ve only grounded the experiment several handfuls of times.

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I don’t even want it for build purposes. It’s the last piece of gear I need from ISIC and then I never have to farm the Algorithm again.

Look, ISIC, I know you’re like… my favorite non-female character, but your RNG is docking serious points for this. Giving me truckloads of Pacifiers instead is not helping the situation.

This is basically RNGJesus saying, “Look, you unbeliever of the RNG, your continual experience of getting gear you don’t want is only the first of many punishments for your infidelity. If only you mortals were rejoicing as you witnessed my light. Revere me. Praise me. Get on your knees and worship me. Acknowledge the weight of your sins as you bask in the might of this noble and beautiful… immortal and undying god…!”

Seriously GBX, you need to create some character that has an ego this massive with a god complex.

I’m still missing on a lot of max roll stuff from UPR. My Friction Frizz is crap. I need a Cya Module. I also need the new Borrowed Timer, since the stats were garbage. My Keeper Seeker Reaper Rounds also looks poor…

And yea, I’m also missing a max stat Executive Insurance Policy. 136/140… That’s not good enough, no…

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MINREC has a massive god complex

Playable character, I should have mentioned.

Who knows maybe someday he will be playable, maybe marquis is enough, his superiority disorder is huge

I heard all of Marquis’ lines, and as hilarious as they are it’s only in the superiority complex territory about how the rich are beautiful and desired, where as the poor deserve to be executed before having their rights taken away from them.

It’s not really the same as the feel I was trying to relay with the whole “Revere me. Praise me. My right hand is justice. My left hand is retribution. Blah blah blah role playing crap blah blah blah blah blah.”


Oh I see what you mean, although marquis did say his status was godlike and considers the Hemsworths poor

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@JoesOs can vouch for the endless torment I’ve gone through trying to get this at max roll. It dropped once, out of the numerous times that I’ve played The Archive on advanced. Since launch.

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Hmm. A Bola’s Target Finder would be nice, but I find myself using less legendaries these days because a lot of the time the effect isn’t worth the pricetag.

Only exception to this would probably be the Alamo 7 Armour - and I still have no idea how to get it. Anyone know who it drops from?

ISIC on The Algorithm advanced.

Really? Thought I had all his legendaries. Back to the grindstone I go!

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Yup! I have this saved to my phone for reference. Really comes in handy, although I can remember most of them by heart.

Shout out to @lowlines for the image.


Mainly just the loot pack ones for me.

Still chasing a pain 2 gain and a comeback king.

I have close to 100 unique legendaries (most max rolled) so I can’t really cry poor.

Pain 2 gain was MADE for montana, but his legendary is just as good too

I think it would work well on Kelvin also as a substitute for his lore leg but Montana seems a logical user.

Oh I forgot kelvin but that is even better

I got most of my PvE legendary wants during Lootpocalypse. Except for a max roll Song of Vigor and max roll Blissbeast, I got all PvE things I wanted Max Roll.

Lootpack Legendaries are trickier. I have almost ALL of the Rogue Faction Legendary gear, Max roll, except for the comeback king.

Eldrid I’m missing the Talon of the Hawk (sold the imperfect ones, so I don’t even own one), Natural Order (max stats needed), and the Pangenesis Glyph eludes me entirely.

Jennerit I have everything except a max roll Lenore’s Lament.

LLC and UPR I’m still missing like 3 uniques from each and max stats on a few of the ones I do have.

so hard to be a collector :confused:

Bola’s target finder is literally the only legendary I want to get currently. And I can’t get it no matter what. Supervisor Antem keeps giving me that damn Mossier’s Mukluks. He’ll never give me Bola’s target finder.