That Reddit thread about Zane's skills not working has errors

Referring to this thread: I tested every single one of Zane’s skills and these do not work as advertised

I’ve already posted this in a few topics about this thread but thought it should be its own topic. These are the skills I have tested personally that conflict with that thread.

Confident Competence :
1508*1.2=1809, works as advertised

Double Barrel : [Clone Test] [Player Test]
How it actually works: [+20% Additive Gun Damage] for Zane and clone after swap for a few seconds, indicated by an aura around the edge of the screen. This effect can stack within its duration, linearly. Clone damage coefficient: 0.7 of player. It affects both the player and the clone by the listed amount. Works as advertised.

Schadenfreude does work, when the clone is damage it will spawn a blue transfusion trail looking thing that restores shield when it connects with the player. It’s difficult to test the return % accurately but I’m confident it’s 100%. It does appear to have a short cooldown between spawning transfusion, I don’t know if damage taken during this cooldown is added to the next transfusion, probably not.

Violent Momentum , damage bonus at walking speed increases linearly with movement speed. One notable mention is for the Violent Momentum damage calculation move speed from Violent Speed is multiplied by Death Follows Close twice.

Effective bonus at full walking speed = (Violent Momentum) * (1+(Violent Speed) * (1+Death Follows Close) * (1+Death Follows Close)+(Other Move Speed Buffs))

I’m less sure about calculating the bonus at sprinting speed or sliding speed as their relationship to walking speed doesn’t appear to be linear. At speeds I’ve tested, damage bonus while sprinting was ~1.54 * walking bonus and sliding was ~1.69 * walking bonus, again this is just an example not a 100% accurate formula.

Most of these are very simple to test which personally makes me very skeptical of the accuracy of the other results and of the testing methodology but regardless of how accurate the rest of the information in that post is hopefully the commotion will encourage devs to do another pass to check functionality from the back end as many skills are difficult or impossible to test accurately in-game.


Yep their distributed denial claims are straight wrong as well. I doubt they know what testing even means.


Thanks very much for your time and expertise in testing here.

Always great to know the facts of things, irrespective of whatever Internet pile-on is currently happening elsewhere.

Kudos to you Sir!


Basically everything on reddit is an error. This is the place to come for fleshed out, tried and tested metagame data. With Zane being the least popular character right now, and reddit being so full of clickbait bandwagoners, that really is the last place I’d bother reading up anything about this character.


Exactly. If you’re going to be testing something, you should post your testing methods as well as your results. The scientific process only works when independent scientists can apply the same experiments and produce similar results like what the OP has done.


I’m honestly so freaking happy with my Zane that I keep going “nah, that doesn’t make sense” to stuff I see.

He doesn’t have any really abusable mechanics, so he doesn’t get any specific Piñata Bosses, but he’s a BLAST to play. For me anyway


They did all their tests in Duels. WHICH MIGHT ACTUALLY BE THE BROKEN PART


Hey, everyone knows that the results of a duel are indicative of who the better player is. Four way underground FL4K pet fighting ring anyone? No…?


…yes. Please. Just…no Michael Vick jokes…


Edit: true story though: I got the name Queen of the Bunnies from a joke duel my partner and I did. We each took a bunny. Fired them off and reloaded. BOTH BUNNIES Went and blew up my partner in the duel. I’ve been the Queen of the Bunnies ever since


Cold Bore is pretty abusable and so is Violent Momentum, it’s just not as point and click as other characters. I’ve been enjoying him a lot too. He may not have mechanics that trivialize certain bosses, which character does?, but he can still delete them. Zane vs Graveward

Also Cool, Calm, Collected but that’s pretty boring

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Let me clarify; Piñata Boss is someone you can wreck in literally no time flat just to collect prizes.

Amara can Piñata KataZer0 better than Zer0 could Piñata Bunker or Hyperious. Just a fluke of the mechanics. That’s what I meant by “Abusable Mechanics”. Lol. Most bosses are Cryo resistant, and nothing in his kit seems capable of being abused to trivialize anything beyond GeeDubs who is just trivialized by “oh, I know how to fight you now”

I meant abusable in general, not just bosses.

Right, right. But you were replying to me, when I used the phrase, so I was explaining what I meant when I used the phrase.

Also, I wouldn’t consider using those abilities like that as abusing? Lol. Abusing mechanics is a ties that bind revelation hit nova on KataZer0 that procs the generator explosion doing enough damage that might be shared through a link to drop KataZer0 before being able to teleport. That’s abuse :joy:


Just sayin’, totally unbiased here, Maya could kill BNK-3R and Hyperius better than anyone :smirk:

Also off topic, so buh-bye now!


I just meant those skills are exceptionally powerful, beyond there apparent intention, when their use is maximized.

Interesting point :smiley: Don’t know why they forgot the training dummy (again).

Regardless, I really look forward to a patch that goes over all the Vault Hunters’ skills. Amara’s stuff too…

Absolutely, cold bore was my first 5 skill points

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Which stuff in particular are you thinking about?

I don’t want to derail the thread, and I think one of the hotfixes changed some stuff that I want to see for myself and document properly. But, for instance, Rebuke just stops working after a while.