That skill where Krieg has chance of hurting himself

is it worth having except at maximum level where chance becomes 0%?

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You mean ‘Silence the Voices’?

It’s high risk/ high reward. The chance is a steady 12%, which doesn’t decrease with level. The best way to avoid repeated self inflicted damage is to attack slowly, not mashing the button.


That’s a myth. Mashing the button has no effect on the chance to deal self-damage.

Personally, I think that’s a very good trade-off that plays into Krieg nicely, but many complain that it’s led to deaths through repeated pummeling, so YMMV. Best try it out yourself.

Tip: The chance is static, so it only makes sense to max the skill out. If you don’t have enough skill points to get it to 5/5, you may wanna opt for something else for the time being.


Well the chance is steady 12% at level 1 I’ve seen but goes down after that, at level 5 it becomes 0% right?

I think I’ll respec when I’m able to go striaght to level 5

I have always understood that it avoids triggering damage during the melee animation.

You may be using some buggy skill calculator. I repeat, IT DOES NOT go down to 0%. It’s a static 12% chance, no matter the level.

the chance is static? Aw man

I think it actually triggers on the swing itself.

I think imma skip this skill. So that means my Krieg melee damage will stay at +20% only

huh I always had vision of my Krieg doing huge melee damage…

There’s also the Sickle COM bonus. And believe me, Krieg’s so tanky, you can afford to hit yourself. Experiment with it - with a boost to make it 10/5, you will obliterate. Also, self-damage comes without boosts - so you only take a small bit of that tremendous damage every now and then.

I recommend it. You may not like it, but I urge you to try.


The bl2skills calculator shows it going to zero, while melee chance increases:

But he wiki also lists a flat 12% chance:

Probably way too late in the day to expect whoever created to fix their calculator though.

Edit: The wiki notes that StV cannot trigger during Buzz Axe Rampage, so there’s that.

hmm thanks for the info guys

I’ll give it a try I suppose

Definitely spec into it. The +250% Melee Damage boost is just too high to avoid.
The 12% chance of hitting yourself can be annoying at times, but the insane Damage you deal will tremendously compensate for it (especially if you didn’t reach OP levels yet.)


Stack health and be careful not to slag yourself with grenades and you’ll be fine. If you get low on health, throw your ax.


Plus Rough Rider for self-damage reduction.

Also, while button mashing will not increase the chance beyond what the swing speed is capable of, general spamming indiscriminately will. Meaning : swing with accuracy and things won’t get out of hand :wink:


Er…what? There is ALWAYS a 12% chance to hit yourself if you put even one point into that skill no matter if you’re using BxR, RtB, or “regular” melee. Also, the chance never goes down, but the damage does go up.

(Edit): I see. I believe you read the wiki wrong, @VaultHunter101. It says: “…throwing the buzz axe will receive a bonus from this skill but without the penalty of the chance for Krieg to hit himself.”, which is true. Throwing the ax bypasses the penalty, but you only get ~60% of the damage done instead of the full 100%.

@Psychichazard: the chance never goes down, but not mashing the button does help prevent chaining hits (2 or more in a row) because each melee strike has a 12% chance of hitting you.

“Stop hitting yourself!” “Stop hitting yourself!” “Stop hitting yourself!” Yeah, Krieg, stop hitting yourself and hit the bad guys who are trying to kill you!


I’d have to check but I believe the only time you don’t have a chance to hit yourself when specced into Silence the Voices is when in FFL…

Even in FFYL you can hit yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah definitely worth
Unless youre the type that really doesnt like any randomness

The self damage doesnt scale with anything other than your level and grenade damage(which is kinda problematic with Fuel the Blood giving you such a high boost, but its still good)

So dont be wary of increasing your melee damage by a ton either


Having a beefy health bar helps reduce the damage of self hits. You should be especially careful when Fuel the Blood is kicked in with maximum stacks as the self hit damage is based on grenade/explosive damage (cannot remember which) rather than melee damage, but regardless you will do a lot more damage to yourself than you would otherwise. Such a risk however can be easily avoided by simply chucking axes for the entire duration of Fuel the Blood, especially so if you have Buzz Axe Bombardier.


Saw this thread and I was wondering. If you have a legendary sickle mod that gives plus 5 to the hit-yourself-skill, then would you still hit yourself even without putting points into it?