That time when ___ Happened

So me and my friend went to start a fresh play on BL Classic and well as we went to try to kill Moe and Marley as level 12’s not to hard there right. Well we ended up running out of ammo and our fight quickly got to the point where it looked like Admiral Bahroos worst iwajira fight ever. It got to the point where we wanted to die to get ammo.

If anyone else has fun stories to tell about there borderlands experiences feel free to post

Oh man, I remember doing that too - took the left fork instead of the right and ran into Moe and Marley way underlevelled and ill-equipped. Did the same thing around Fyrestone by running over to the skaggs on the other side of Bone Shredder’s camp. And then there was my first time completing Pt.2 and not realising how levelling worked end-game…

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We wanted to fight Moe and Marley cause we have done if before and we did it just fine but shooting them with air does not help kill them lol

The first time I played me and my friend killed Bone Head with terrible weapons, it did take a lot of tries though and he killed us a a lot of times :stuck_out_tongue: Also we didin’t know how big of a deal it was that he was like 5 or 6 level above us.

It’s one of the things I liked about the game, it’s not easy early on.


Most frustrating moment: selling everything (I mean everything) I owned to buy a HX 550 vectored hyperion stinger, barrel 3, in New Haven…then equipping it and it has the stupid twisted barrel.


I’ve solo’d Moe before without firing a single shot (even while underleveled), you can abuse the lack of height to his AoE attack and jump over it, meleeing him in between. Marley however requires bullets.

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Yeah compared to the ones after the difficulty was def alot harder in general the other games only a few spots were difficult

yeah we ended up killing moe first cause he is the annoying one you have to worry about charging you then marley, though at that time we had no bullets anymore

I remember that one time I killed General Knoxx, absolutely years ago.

Went back a few months ago, and gave up!


knoxx isnt that bad but at least hes harder than the destroyer

Brick was farming drifters at road’s END and was driving back to get ammo when he swear he saw Bloodwing!

Brick jumped out to get a closer look!

Oops! How embarrassing


I always wondered why there was fall damage in this game, given how weak it is. Well, I just died for the first time ever from fall damage!

Fighting Craw, he blasted me up in the air with his jump move, leaving me with 9 health and no shield. Hit the ground - dead. I was shocked!


Yeah gotta be a little careful i could only imagine doing some of the other boss fights in other games with fall damage. It would suck so much. And im guessing they came to the conclusion that fall damage was bad so they got rid of it in the later games

I remember being lilith in the lair and he sent me flying when I had like ~30 hp, and I looked at how high I was, my hp, back at the ground, and was like “NOPE!!” hits phasewalk button.


Yes i typically do the game as lilith for a few reasons 1 i love the fire novas she has with the relics and when she activates phasewalk and 2 i dont need to worry about fall damage nearly as much that and when im about to die i can just hit that button run next to them then run away to be able to regain health and damage them at same time

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btw that gun is baby son of mothrakk duh not bloodwing :slight_smile:

Ahh! Makes you wonder what happened to him, though. He can be a real pain to fight in BL1, but in BL2 the worse thing about him is any loot he does drop tends to disappear through the floor…

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Yeah i know what you mean. Whenever I play Borderlands one going up against Crawmerax though I think of the son of crawmerax in the bl2 and when your going to save hammerlock the Oh we kill that thing alot comment lilith gives us. This I found funny because I used lilith as a main and I have spent over 64 hours total in farming crawmerax.

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The most epic moment I’ve ever experienced was when I was fighting Craw. Had him down to one hit spot on his left side lower limb that had taken damage from my Jakobs ZZ Unforgiven Masher but didn’t pop. Craw ducked down to do a power leap at which I verbally yelled, “Oh [CENSORED]” while switching over to my Pene. He blasts up in the air sending me up towards the edge and just before he hit the ground I nailed the crit spot, killing him, and watched him spout weapons and stuff as I went over the edge and died. I’ll never, ever forget that experience.


That time about three years ago when I was farming chests in Tartarus Station and my daughter said: “Hey dad, why don’t you get the one on top of the round tower over there?”

“Nah it’s too frustrating trying to get that one”

“No it’s not, I’ll show you” proceeds to jump up there with zero effort or mistakes

Oh dear, I just got schooled by an eleven-year-old.