That time when ___ Happened

Uhh… Apparently in Marcus’ shop in the Knoxx DLC is a hit-rod with a living micro-man in it that you can talk to…

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Yep. And nearby there’s some bullet boxes with a fun name.

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On PS3 graphics, it looks like “Death Hi Bullets”


I had never noticed that thank you for mentioning it im going to have to check it out now

I wouldn’t know im a 360 gamer but now that you mention it i should check that out in the 360 version

I know what you mean in the later games there are maps like that as well

I think i only have 2 characters in full completion with items. That would be my first Lilith and my first Mordecai i feel like i have to say first cause i have like 78 different saves

I also realize that my need to comment on as much as possible has led to the clutter of my comments at the bottom of the page and im sorry for that lol this is like my need for communication with other players while actually playing the game. That sometimes leads to trouble

Mordi would be my first. Only the Bessie left for him. For Lilith, I still want a better Steel Anarchy (mine has the wrong barrel) and a Rose.

just quote people by highlighting their comment, it shows a ‘quote reply’ option. Saves from making multiple comments back to back. Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the help with that then ill remember to do that hopefully

No problem :smile:
I like helping fellow VH’s.

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Yeah i have noticed the Borderlands Community, well no the Gearbox Community in general is a lot nicer and more helpful than many others out there. Its always a good thing when people with similar intrests can unite and mutually aid each other to get further progression into the thing that has brought them together in this case Borderlands

Vault Hunters For the Win

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Not really. The only reason it seems that way is because this forum has actual moderation. Go to YouTube, a lot of them are dicks yelling at Gearbox or each other over something stupid and meaningless.

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Youtube in a nutshell.
Also, you forget the Bungie forums. But don’t gett me started.

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That may be so but either way its still a better overall community then again look at the competition CoD, Battlefield, Destiny, Halo, and so on its not to hard to have a better group of people. And the Bungie forums were not awful until Destiny they were pretty maintained until then except on launches because people got rowdy