That was really, really fun!

Well, after more than a year of following Battelborn before its release, and then having to wait to find time where my girlfriend and I could play it together since its release, we finally went through all of the story missions and completed The Heliophage this evening. Bravo, Gearbox, bravo! It was well worth the wait and money! So many moments in the thick of battle where we both felt like badasses.

Favorite missions were The Algorithm, The Void’s Edge, The Sentinel, The Saboteur, and The Heliophage. The others were all fun, too, but these five had the most memorable moments. One of the hardest things was choosing which characters to play, since there are so many fun options, which is an awesome problem to have!

Very much looking forward to the next five episodes! Keep up the good work, Gearbox!


Can I ask what you liked so much?

The only good part I felt was character dialogue. The story had an interesting premise to build off but fell abit flat. Im reminded of destinys initial story mode. So much story left untold. They rely on you unlocking lore characters to understand.

For example the first mission implies a relationship between kleese and isic but then you never hear about it again. If I play a story mode I want the story their, not littered amongst character unlocks or 2nd/3rd hand sources. Seems lazy dont you think?


I really loved all the Eldrid maps, and can Rendain and the two main boss voice actors from his faction just win an award or something?. They just bring so much to this game both smiles and epic voice acting it kills me inside, Rendain especially. I’d love for Rendain to either get a special DLC map where you use him, or for him to get some type of use later like made into a character or a PVP map where he is the main narrator.

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I love the Algorithm, Void’s Edge, and Heliophage. :smile: 5 More episodes?

I can agree there at times, but definitely not as bad as Destiny’s.

Twas why I said esque :stuck_out_tongue:

I can agree with you about the story having a lot left untold, Zyeko. It’s not the most well put together thing in that regard. I’m really hoping the next five missions will help flesh the universe’s story out a bit more.

I also agree about the wanting to know more of everyone’s individual story. Having been focusing on Caldarius, the lore I’ve been unlocking definitely adds some great depth to the characters and the game’s universe. I actually started playing him a bit differently and more effectively after unlocking some of his lore and learning more about him. For one character, unlocking the lore is actually fun. However, having to unlock all 25+ character’s lore to truly flesh out the Battleborn universe is a bit too much to ask for, in my opinion, too. Not sure what the solution to that is, but seeing as how this is the interweb, I’m sure it won’t be long before someone has all of the lore available online somewhere.

But what I/we love about the game is what I/we love about Borderlands 2: the kick ass combat! My girlfriend and I have played eight different characters between us, and everyone of them has been super fun to play! The diversity of play styles between characters offers soooo much for replay with the story missions alone! I finally zer0ed in on Caldarius, and my girlfriend fell in love with Rath. So many times in the middle of a big fight, “Did you see that?! That was ■■■■■■■ awesome!!!” Playing through the campaign has been a fun way to work on mastering our abilities. We have a few missions to play again to work on getting silver, but we’re actually looking forward to it! I’m not the best at PvP, but after mastering our characters in PvE, I think we’ll actually be able to hold our own. Also looking forward to trying Advanced mode in the campaign, which again adds to replay value!

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Aye, five more episodes, if you purchased the Digital Deluxe version or the Season Pass. Thirteen episodes total?! Yes, please!

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I tend to pick character based on team composition and some lore challenges (ie Phoebe is there I go Marquis and so forth until that challenge was done at least). When I look at the number of missions per character my most played are marquis, Reyna, attikus, rath, melka. I keep ending up with one of those characters depending on role needed. Some characters I’ve not spent a lot of time with yet. Just played Shayne & aurox yesterday, was quite fun but I died a lot. Also barely have used thorn or bendict. But there are no characters not fun just a different play style to learn.

I think it isn’t lazy. It’s focus: the mission hints at the characters’ past but doesn’t unfold that information completely because it’s not particularly relevant to the mission. It’s a nod to their backstory together.
What is a problem is that in that mission I never found out what the Algorithm was supposed to be until like the tenth run-through, when one of the characters (I think Phoebe?) triggered a conversation with ISIC where he explains it.

Otherwise…well, all of the missions are self-contained stories within a background (the Varelsi invasion thing and Rendain’s deal with them). It’s less of a campaign and more of a compilation of unconnected missions.
I think the major problem is that the Heliophage comes out of nowhere if you haven’t read the first comic. And even THEN it feels like they all go:

“Well, that’s enough unrelated missions while we waited for the Heliophage to be done. Oh, did I mention the Heliophage is a thing? It’s a thing. And we have been waiting for it to be completed. For…some reason.”

It feels like they wanted to retroactively explain why all the other missions happened and the reason is ‘waiting’ for a thing none of the players knew was a thing they were waiting on. It was never foreshadowed, never mentioned before, there’s no build up, and it comes out of nowhere. The campaign could probably use like four more missions to build that one confrontation up. The unconnected ones are fine, mind, and have their own place (their place being the same of any episode in any TV series; there’s no arch for them, they are just there for the fun of it), but the final battle is lost in the noise.

I believe we helped Deande break the Heliophage during the prologue, didn’t we?

This game rocks. The content is a bit lacking (I mean maps mainly) but I guess Gearbox will release more stuff in the future.
The dialogue… is typical Gearbox. I totally recognize Borderlands’ humor in it and it’s great. And the pub people playing it (talking campaign here) are quite laid back and friendly. Unlike some other communities I know that are full of elitism coughOverwatchcough

I dunno why I like it so much. It’s just fun to play, the humor is good and the characters having all these skills makes it interesting.

But yeah, I agree: more story would be good. Indeed like the Kleese-ISIC connection.

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I think kleese made ISIC, if not all the magnus AIs. The Magnus seem to have something against fleshlings but ISIC more than anyone else. This is due to ISICs performance self evaluation (lore challenge reward) stating the other magni(?) Laughed at his murdering of a worker at the LLC.

As to why he hates Kleese… I donno

Oh hell yea!

Agreed! When me and my girlfriend first started dating I introduced her to Borderlands, and Borderlands 2 after that, both of which she loved. So when I told her that GBX had another goofy FPS coming out, she was all for it. We just beat Heliophage this past weekend, and she’s craving the Bonus episodes when they come out, as am I.

Although split screen on her tiny TV gave me a huge headache XD