Thats a great Company

Maybe more companies should follow the great example EPIC GAMES is doing, they sure won a lot of respect from all players with it.

By not only letting the assets of their dead game live on in other projects for free, but most importantly REFUNDING the money that people spent on it.

If people still didnt get it, im talking Battleborn, which had a great opportunity but kept picking the wrong choices time and time again, and in the end decided to turn F2P way too late to save it.




Of course, the free assets make using Unreal Engine a more attractive proposition. More people using UE is good for Epic, especially if they then go on to make commercial games (since free use of the platform is tied to what you do with it)… So call it enlightened self-interest on Epic’s part. Not every company has a major game engine and development platform to dump unused assets into!


I find it odd that nobody has mentioned Respawn Entertainment the creators of Titanfall 1 and 2 and were ex COD devs. Titanfall 2 is a phenomenal game and I think their business model and example is perfect and you can tell that with the release of Titanfall 2 they really care for their players. All non cosmetic DLC is released for free, the gameplay is tight and smooth, the cosmetic prices are fair, no loot boxes and huge community involvement with the game in general. It’s a terribly underrated game that deserves more attention. At the current environment of where gaming is at, Respawn is the dev that lights the end of the tunnel. We need more companies that truly care about their consumers.