That's a pretty big hill to cover

If Borderlands 3 does come, hopefully… do you think it has a lot to try to cover? Handsome Jack was simply one of the best villians (dare I say) in video game history. You can see the good he was doing, but cross him and you’ll quickly see the bad he was doing… but to bandits. The suppose good guys of this planet. Now I won’t go on about this any further since their are countless topics about this already

Was Jack really the good guy? Are the bandits the good guys? It’s an age old topic and I won’t make more of it. Jack was a great villian. And they expanded on him through Pre-Sequal and Tales of the Borderlands. Which is wonderful.

Jack right now, is truly dead. Both physical and digital (unless they use the “keep” data file ending from the Tales version).

Think whenever Borderlands 3 comes, it has a lot to live up to? Not only in villians, but in past experiences as well? No matter how people want to think about it… Battleborn failed. Yes it has a loyal fanbase, but the numbers don’t lie. And I respect Gearbox for sticking by it.

Borderlands is just a BIG title and I hope for when it does come… that they get their best to work on it and not… their Battleborn staff. Sorry.

I’m also worried about who the next villian might be. Jack was super built up. I hope Borderlands 3 villian(s) also live up to the ending.

I don’t think we can lay Battleborn on the staff, so much as taking a risk on a core idea. It didn’t land the right way. I have no doubts that there is a lot of talent behind the game. A lot of the same people, throwing passion into the BL series, may produce something amazing.


Borderlands 3 will be fine in the villain department. There were 3 villains in BL1 before Jack, and they were just fine. Heck, I wouldn’t mind another general knox in BL3.

We had Jack for 3 borderlands games if you count tales. That’s a lot more staying power than most other villains, but he also massively overstayed his welcome. Being the focus of 3 games in a row was almost too much, and while it was nice to see him get as fleshed out as he is, we know more about him than any of the vault hunters. It’s ridiculous to know more about the antagonist than any of the playable characters across 3 games IMO.

BL3 will be a breathe of fresh air in that department. We’ll say to Jack what we said to Atlas when we booted them off the planet: sayonara, don’t forget to write. We’l’ move on, and find a way bigger fish to fry, hopefully one more expansive than a megalomaniac with a hero complex.

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It’s very common in the gaming and movie industry to try to repeat a successful concept. This RARELY works! Not saying that it’s a total failure, but compared to the original, it will almost always come out like a watered down copy, that no one likes. Jack was fabulous, but there’s nothing more to see in that department. Move on!