THC issues: missing customizations & error

  1. When I load up my max-rank OP-8 Krieg from the 360 version the game tells me there is DLC missing every time I start it up. Other imported characters do not have this problem, just him

  2. The Poker Night 2 customizations are missing, I had read that they were patched in but I don’t see them anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated.

  1. That error message is itself an error, and your OP8 Krieg should work perfectly fine. This error only occurs on OP characters when starting a game on OP1 or higher I believe.

  2. I’ve never noticed if my Poker Night 2 customization items are actually in my quick-change station. I know they were patched in as global drops but I’m unsure if they are outright given to those who already had them pre-Handsome Collection.

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I get the error even when I load up in UVHM, with no OP levels added on.

As for the Poker night stuff, I had them when I uploaded my saves. Going to be annoying if I’m expected to farm them when I already purchased and played the hell out of Poker Night 2 just to get them in the first place.

The latest patch removed my brother’s Poker Night customizations, too. I tried submitting a ticket to see if they could re credit them to his shift account, but they said they were “unavailable in the Handsome Collection”. Looks like we have to re-import the characters if we want them again.

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