THC starts The Pre-Sequel whenever I put in the disc

Sorry if this isn’t the right spot to put this, I just joined a few minutes ago as of this post.
Is this a glitch? I was told it wasn’t normal by nearly everyone else I know that owns this, is there supposed to be a selection when you put it in? Would just deleting and re-installing fix it if it is?
Thanks in advance.

I’ve only got the digital version, so I’m not too sure how the disk version works. Just wondering, though, if any options show up if you hit the XBox button to get back to the desktop, then hit the menu button. Does the popup menu or the “Manage” item offer any clues?

There is no manage for THC, it installed both 2 and TPS as their own separate games.

OK, try this then: go into your games hub thing, and launch BL2 from there before putting the disk in. It’ll probably ask you to insert the disk, but you should then at least be able to get into BL2.