The 10 year aniversary changes to the game and why they should stay in the game

Ok those 10 year anniversary changes, specifically weeks 1 and 2, provide so much nuance to the game. They make farming more than just the main bosses better and they also make farming in general easier but not too easy like when the game first started. These changes are good for the game. They create diversity add new things to farm and make the game more enjoyable. I would like to see these changes permanent because farming can be a huge chore in the game and kind of take away the fun of the game. I would like to see all of the unique drops like those from the billies be easier to see as well. Additionally with the whole eridium thing those changes also help improve the game as eridium farming can be a huge chore in the base game as well and the amount of eridium cost for some of the more expensive things from earl in the late game can be outragious. Please gerbox make these permanent. They do not break the game and make it so much more fun.