The 100 OPs club (Title missing)

Salutations Gearbox,
There are those of us who are, simply put, happily out of our freaking minds.
We have completed all of the Story OPs with every character.
We’ve carried every character through each of the DLC at 100 OPs.

This is a major accomplishment.
It must, absolutely must, be awarded with a new Title.

(Sound off if you are in this exclusive club)


Another member here. Oh my gosh I’m finally in a club. Hopefully I don’t mess this up and get kicked out like I did from chess club. :sweat:


I’d like challenges for Story missions too,

Complete on normal, hardcore, advance, adv hardcore.

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Would be there myself but the last 2 weeks I keep getting kicked out of Ops missions at the boss fights. really annoying.

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I’m in this bracket of players.

But I use a different title anyways, so I can’t say I would need another that I know I’m not going to use.

Still, an elegant title would be nice, something to remind me that my triumph is both glorious and beautiful.

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You’re welcome. I take full credit.

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Says the guy who had to be convinced running Mike’s OP for commander packs would be fine cause he didn’t have faith in my ability to get 100 points every time.

Btw fellow club members, what’s your highest solo run score of any mission/op? I’m curious if maybe I set a record this morning. I’m almost hesitant to share… I tweaked the strategy that netted my previous absurd highest score and it ended up resulting in 3x the points.

I’m just looking for interesting goals at this point I guess.

I think mine is Toby on Mike’s dlc, 99k solo.

Including levels that aren’t operations? Unfortunately levels from the base game and operations are hard to compare scores between, due to the fact operations are limited to one hour, and the main story has I think an hour and 45 minutes (somewhere in that area) of server time.

My highest score solo was Helio solo, I’ve done that story mission sooo many times.

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Did 113k solo with Caldy on that today. Could do better with lucky draws.

Pop the whatchamacallit’s head, and he dumps a hojillion (-ish) bonus score. Get the Henchman, and shield-farm him as long as you like for bonus score. And the foreman’s drones each drop two bonus scores when they die, so VERY score-farmable. Only got that first one on this morning’s 100-pt run, so I know I can get higher with lucky draws.

Top OP1 score is around 106-108k solo. Not as score-farmable, with Aria’s shield anchor phases being the one big bonus score opportunity. Benedict gets a LOT of quick-kill bonuses there against squishy thralls.

Not sure about the Toby or Montana ops. I think I’ve abused some amusing respawning-loot-container mechanic in the Phoebe op for like 111k, maybe. Not positive. But that final boss fight is incredibly passively farmable for regular match score.

FINALLY figured out how to farm the Conservator in mission 2 for bonus score, so that became an EZPZ diamond run. The Experiment is the one I’m having real score woes with right now. :confused:

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I should mention I’m a little obsessive about score. Like, in OMvtBS, I open the bonus chests one at a time. Open one, collect bonus scores, collect ONLY the extra life from it, move on. Then I go back for everything else once I’ve gathered all the bonus scores. I mean, bonus score from chests (3- and 6- item ones) is based on how many extra lives you have, so how else to max that?

Yes. I’m a nerd.

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Stop it right now Rabbi, we don’t need to classify our derived sickness. :wink:

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I should add that I do that also to max out the level-ups. Seems ( might just be confirmation bias) that a chest won’t cough-up one to give you level 10. But if you pick up every ops point (and the level-up at the first ops point), you can go into round 3 at level 10 I think. Seems like perfect runs (through round 2) usually end up that way.

And to me, ‘Nerd’ is a compliment. :wink:

Other than a few very rare places (Archive is one, I feel like there’s another but I can’t remember), chests stop giving helix points once the average level of all players in the level passes 7.5. If you’re playing solo, this means if you level up to 8, chests stop dropping helix points. You can “beat the system”, so to speak, by opening any loot chests that are close to each other BEFORE looting the actual helix points inside them. After the 2nd round of Oscar Mike’s op, you should be able to loot 5 helix points if you make sure to open all of the chests before leveling up to 8.

If one member of your group is 8 and one is 7, helix points will still appear. If two are level 8 and one is level 7, helix points stop appearing (I’m 90% sure on this last point, but it’s possible that the threshold is merely one person still remains level 7).

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Ah heck, I wondered over the weekend if I would end up sharing the screenshot or not, and in the end I couldn’t resist./

So my highest solo run is 727k, on Void’s Edge.

I’ll probably retire Void’s Edge forever with that run, there’s not much more I can do in there.


Massive score :acmaffirmative:


Okay, that’s insanity. I’m assuming you spent most of that 96 minutes score-farming the conservator, right? Should’ve been fairly straightforward with Kleese, setting up a rift network underneath the thing and watching the adds just MELT as they fell from the sky. Still, that’s stamina homie. GG WP

I figured something was up with the helix points. Wasn’t SURE about my assessment on the OM op, so re-ran it a little while ago with Orendi (working on her lore, and now just need one more match with 50+ casts of Shadowfire Pillar to complete it; I waited forever to start her). Confirmed, CAN make level 10 at the end of round 2 if you get all the ops points challenges in the first two rounds AND grab the helix point in the first ops point room. Made the third round pretty ridiculously easy. AND Dire Wolf was even more cake going in at level 10 Orendi (admittedly rank 10 or 11 with a weird loadout; Voxis Core, shard generator (0-cost, -14% healing), and something else.