The 10th anniversary event is a fraud

I’ve been a big fan of borderlands series since when mordecai was exploring the world with his bird.
I trully am happy that borderlands franchise has been successful over 10 years! It surely is exciting.
However, I can’t keep myself from being disappointed because of the stupid event.
After so many unreasonable updates and nerfs, The event came up.
On the first week, The boss monsters got increased drop chance on legendary stuff.
I kinda liked it because now I finally got a reason to farm a boss monster that is not the graveward. Eventhough It was kinda lame, I thought it wasn’t that bad since it was just the first week of the event period.
On the second week, The event offered an increased spawn chance on a rare monsters and incresased drop chance on legendary stuff. So many people claimed that the rare monsters still don’t drop anything, Slaugher Shaft and Graveward bossrun are still the best farming sources.
Well, maybe they weren’t lucky enough to get legendary items from the rare monsters because I’ve got some. However, I was still disappointed. I got ‘It’s piss’ legendary grenade mode while nobody has any reason to use any grenade mode that is not MIRV Hex, Any other itmes I got were also useless as hell. I even started to think they only held the event to bring people back to the game while there’s no contents to enjoy anymore.
On the third week, It said ‘SHOW ME THE ERIDIUM!’ was planned.
I and whole korean community were saying, ‘It shouldn’t be ‘Increased drop chance on eridium’ or something…’ because everyone thought there’s no good way to spend eridium atm.
Can we replace an anointed option on the weapon by spending eridium? no
Can we replace the parts on the weapon? no
Can we do anything that siren can do with eiridium? no
Then what can we do? We can buy all the cosmetics crazy earl offers,
We can also buy purple or blue guns with random anointed options.
Ok, Let’s say I really wanted them (which is obviously not true).
I already have thousands eridiums! I don’t need increased drop chance or something.
I’ve realized Gearbox loves to pretend like they worked on something by changing some values only.
Oh, Is there a balancing problem? Well, Let’s add a delay there, Let’s decrease the value there.
No fundemental fix on the usage of the pet, digi clone, Iron bear
Oh, Are contens running out too fast? Well, Let’s decrease the drop chance!
Uh-oh, people are mad. ok, I offer you… Increased drop chance on useless gears for ya!
Are you excitied~? What? No? Well, It’s fine because you’ve arleady paid us. Thankies!
Isn’t this attitude a fraud or even a insult?
I’m so frustarted because I feel like I’m not the only one who got insulted but also entire bordelrands games, my good memories about the game have been insulted.
I wish I could celebrate it.
Doesn’t the word ‘Celebration’ mean people remembering something and being happy together, hoping the bright future?
Even I, who is a non-english speaker knows what it means.
Are gearbox devenlopers babarian or something? Someone should get them an english dictionary.

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