The 3 type of PVP queues need to be merged

Currently, the player base is so seperated because you either play Meltdown a lot, Capture alot or Incursion a lot.

So combined with the current match making, it went from taking a few minutes on good time (like 6-8pm) a game to now, 10 minutes per incursion match (with 2 sups 1 gal abuse to ruin the fun)

During Beta, ranked ended up being the fastest one to find a queue with after it was introduced on PC. It no longer took 5-10 minutes to find a game on peak hour. The 3 queues need to be merged and have each player vote on what to play. Beside that queue, there can be an hourly map 2 queue for each mode.

So it will go like this

queue 1 : All queue, most competitive map

Incursion : Overgrowth
Meltdown: Paradise
Capture: Desert one

And queue 2 : hourly queue change for the less popular more unbalanced map if you want to do lore and so on

Incursion : Echelon
blah : blah
blah : blah

It’s sad when the game length in Incursion is shorter than the queue time and I have to move to capture to actually get a game.

interesting. do you live outside the states? i hate that you are unable to find games, but i personally would be leaving 2/3 games i queued in if it operated like taht. i literally only play meltdown, and only play paradise. every once in a blue moon i will stay to play that other meltdown map, but only if i got matched with decent looking players agaisnt a team not running the trash composition we have been discussing.
i find games instantly on xbox one.

I play at 2 location, SG and Aus.

Aus was great in Beta. So many players. Right now, it’s dead because some people play the other queues.

In SG, after Live, I was able to find game for a whole day until 1-2 AM in incursion for the first 4 days. 3 days in, 80% of the opponents was 2 sup 1 gal though and now, the mode is dead so I will say it’s because of the BS comp that no one is playing there anymore because they’re tired of that ■■■■. There’s also the Marquis bug abusing that still waits to be patched.

Currently, I jump between Incursion and Capture and can actually get some games once in awhile but it’s no longer as active as before. Everyone getting real tired of not finding any game because they just rotate between mode and see only a few people. Most of the stuffs are stuck at “Searching for opponents.” There would actually be a game if those searching for opponents are not in seperated mode.

It seems they need to increase the server sizes to regions, rather than countries, except for the US, of course. The US is pretty much it’s own region anyway, with the states acting as country-lite lol. They should also give to option to play on other server. I play with two British people in a party, and the game ran fine for me, and I assume them as well, even though they were red bar.

Or the beta players didn’t actually buy the game…

It was playable for the first four days.

Queue every 1-2 minutes in Incursion. 5-10 on really late time all the way to 3-4 am.

Now it’s completely dead. almost 2 hours and still no game on SG capture or incursion, the server most asians keep recommending to go play. It’s only 10 pm something too.

People are queueing at 3 seperate stuffs and finding NO game because they forever search for opponents. The same group I see sometime that ends up queueing with my side are stil abusing Gal 2 Sup. Everyone getting real tired of that. At least 15 different people I played with yesterday complained about BS Gal and how they wanted to leave until something is done.

So unless there’s a patch too, you can expect the Asian side of this game to be as good as dead.

@Jythri just wanted you to see this. This is an atrocity, as it has been my experience as well, minus the queue times. i flat out just leave games before they even start if i see it. i go browse the web or screw around looking at lore etc in my command.also the premade teams that i run into constantly as a solo player running miko, reyna, rath, gali whoever. i work in probably the biggest electronics retailer in the united states where i work directly next to the gaming department. i am asked on a daily basis countless times about games, both by customers and our huge employee base. what do you think i say when they ask me about the game or what im playing right now? i have no choice but to give them my experience with the state of the game as it is right now. i cant tell them how great of a time i had in the test, because it is irrelevant. i cant tell them how im sure there are matchmaking and balance changes around the corner, because i dont know that, and you havent said it. im not going to lie to my friends and customers that i genuinely care about. you didnt let ambra or phoebe last half as long as you have allowed someone twice as strong to last. fix your shiiit, guys. you are better than this. if you need help balancing, go to a third party.


I understand that it’s the weekend atm so you can’t really call and drag the marketing, balance, dev and QA team leader for a meeting but… can they at least say something will be done soon? The amount of people playing on Steam took even a bigger drop. I can barely even find a team in [SG] Capture as well now which was the only mode I could get to play yesterday. atm, It can easily go up to 30 minutes just to simply FORM A TEAM and then nearly a whole hour more to search for opponents assuming no one gives up 15 minutes in. Only people above level 20 will be willing to wait. Anything below that just leave real fast.

And no game too after a whole hour of waiting for opponents!

This is now happening at around 4-5 pm, not 2-3 am.

This is a disaster. The playerbase is too seperated. We are already seperated by Region. we are further seperated by PvE or PvP. In PvP, we are EVEN FURTHER seperated by different queue mode. This is like Dominion and Twisted treeline of LoL. Outside official NA and EU server, probably every other server SHUT THOSE MAP DOWN for the sake of betting queueing experience and time.