The 3v3 Meta Discussion

So, we all knew BB was capable of playing all modes up to 5v5, but it was always limited to Private matches. With the Mini Match Queue, what do you guys think the Meta will be, How it will evolve, and will it become INFINITLY BETTER than the current CC Meta? I want to know the thoughts of you guys, as I still haven’t been able to get online yet (CURSE YOU INTERNET CONNECTION/DOWNLOAD SPEED!!!).

So yeah, thoughts? I want to put my thoughts in, and will do so after some playtesting.

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I feel a heavy stun and shield team will dominate because you’ll only be focused by 2 others players at most once one is stunned.

and a heavy hitter with a good health pool like Ati or Montana

The name of the game is going to be “don’t die” because with such a short match time, having to wait 20+ seconds to respawn is a the last thing you want.

4 can usually hold their own against 5 for a bit but 2 wont be able to hold their own against 3 I feel.


I think it would boil down to a tank/attacker and two supports, one being an attacking support.It also depends on how the maps are designed. If they are small without protection, than maybe melee will shine even more.

I feel supports are going to do next to nothing in this game mode. The map is super small and heading back to base only takes like 2 seconds to get full health. Whether you teleport or run back to base, your back in the fight fully healed in like 10 seconds.

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I didnt get to see the maps or the modes at all. Maybe you are right. If the maps are so small than burst damage will be the way to go and BB like attikus, montana, deande or thorn will rise I guess

PSN’s “Team Arctic” consisting of my Toby, @Codarik’s Kelvin and BiggyG’s Hailstorm Montana will be Supercharge’s meta.

Makes Finisci gang sign which, yes, is just two crossed flippers.


Attikus is going to be terrifying. In general, though, it looks like a defender / sniper meta, because there’s no room for supports, and without heals assassins are too vulnerable to being picked off by CC.


Yes, yes… Tis’ the penguin’s turn now… :smiling_imp:


Tank-Phoebe Meta Confirmed.

I just found out the hard way that Alani + Kelvin + ADC is a devastating combo.

If you get hit with Kelvin’s Sublimate, it leaves you stunned just long enough for Geyser to hit and bind, then the ADC can mop up.

Addendum: I just found out further that just about any combo of attacker (preferably melee) + support (preferably sustained healing) can just wreck shop in about anything. Just did a Supercharge match against a team of Attikus/Deande/Miko - we were ISIC/Rath/Reyna - and we got f**king slaughtered.

Addendum Addendum: another good combination is at least one bulky character with the other two being big damage dealers. Attikus, Kelvin, Shayne, and to a lesser extent Gals excel as such.

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A very viable combination seems to be Healer/Tank/ADC, focusing on pulls and stuns. Played against the same guys twice, first time they went Miko/Boldur/Mellka, second Miko/Kelvin/Ghalt. Worked out really well for them.

Montana is AMAZING.


You know what? I was on an 8-game losing streak just minutes before this post, so if my previous post sounds like me rambling, I apologize. Just about everything I tried was just not working.


I’m on a 7 game win streak. The tankier characters seem to be better off this mode. Don’t see why anybody would play support since they get focused down immediately. Can confirm Attikus is a beast.

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if it’s super charge: camp the middle.

it’s one point control.


Camping middle will make you lose


Agreed. You need to stay really mobile. Kleese is surprisingly bad on this mode.


I will find a way to use him here eventually


not so far.

I’ve seen it both ways so far - seems to be very character dependent (reminiscent of Smite’s Joust mode). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Oh, another thing: don’t go charging in on the enemy team with your dick out thinking everything’s gonna be all right (translation: don’t engage alone). Trust me - it’s not all right (for a variety of reasons).