The 4th Skill tree is online

The Professional

Looks like it’s all about doing critical hits

Looks like you control when his canon fires, and can get bonuses for crits with it.

I’m a Fl4k main, but moonlight as a Zane player sometimes. This tree actually excites me. Should be fun

It looks like Seein Dead com would be redundant now, so you can use other coms.


I don’t particularly care for the shoulder cannon since you have to take an action to fire it, contrary to Zanes other action skills.

The only interesting new skill (to me) is Eraser, which looks like an updated Zer0 Bore. Could be fun, but it’s so far down the tree that I’d be changing so much of my current build to get it I’m not sure I want to.

Bottom line: For me, this skill tree is very meh.

New tree is not an option. Its a necessity. Its either seeing dead or run this tree.

Dang near pay 2 win

bro they keep pushing movment speed related stuff :smiley: cmon gaerbox u gonna gimme crits like that and then ask me to zoom zoom not cool bruv

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Moxsy showed it off and it looks off the charts levels of broken. I want to watch some other streamers but it looks like they switched from Seein Dead being a bandaid to an entire tree doing that. Interested to hear what ThiccFilA has to say (hmm, that rhymed).

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lol more running around for Zane, will certainly not buy this one. Nothing new gameplay wise just more power. Very disapointed on this one

Thats EXACTLY what I thought. This is seeing dead all over again. The other trees need an overhaul to even ALMOST compete with this tree

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At least we’ll have a choice between Seein Dead and different trees and purple plus something else.

why don’t u want to finally use 200% ase splash while totally safe in your barrier? is not it the goated way to play? lul

boy the ase simulator is going to be insane no need to restrict to sntnl cryo any more no need for urad zane is going to be easy peasy sleezy mode to set up

rip synchronicity

i don even know unless gearbox removes seein dead effect this is just insanely broken skill tree just due to commitment, i dno whoever designed this claerly didnot remember that seein dead exists because commitment looks fine on paper but seein dead breaks it beyond repair. i can already see how broken that pseudo bore will be as well for bosses with ads.

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I wonder what this tree is supposed to accomplish.

Can we talk about the fact that you can stack without limitation the kill skill from purple tree that gives you a +20% gun dmg ? Kill skill that will be a child’s play to trigger with seein dead ?
Seein’ Dead won’t disappear from meta folks. It will still be Zane’s supreme com.

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I think that will be nerfed. All kill skills stack twice. That one is stacking till 99, which isn’t inline with how zane works as a whole. Its a oversight

one could hope so ;d

but they never rly changed fitsd or action skill damage which is clearly over tuned at least for ib clone and ties

Apparently one of the kill skills can stack multiple times - dont know the name yet but the one that gives Gun Damage and AS cooldown. So Seein Dead is still godly. You have literally instant coolddown.

What im excited for is Eraser- thats a Hustler skill right there.

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I like new shoulder cannon skill and how it behaves. Also appreciate focus on the precise playstyle.
But Zane in the current state offers very few meaninful choices and his older class mods and skill trees imo should be reworked first.

One more thing. People love damage increase passives for obvious reasons. But more you add more mandatory it become to pick as many as possible to close the damage gap you’ve created. It’s sad because such passives only change stats and that’s kind of boring don’t you think?

Wow, that tree looks totally not impressive at all. It’s basically his drone tree but with critical hits instead.

Meanwhile, Amara’s new skill looks pretty fun… it seems this developer team is still biased towards Amara, for some reason.

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Ooh I didn’t think of that with the body shot crits. I wonder if it will work since Hustler isn’t ‘true crit’

So Blue/Purple trees with ASS Stopgap?