The 4xpocalypso

During the 4/QUAD event (which has now received an extension all the way through to Monday, September 26, 2016 at 8 a m, US west coast time) which previously untouched chars have you brought from lvl 0 - 15?

I’ve (in following order) turbo dated Orendi, Reyna, Deande and Kleese, and while the 3 first were about as expected … Kleese was/is a BLAST and the most fun had in a while!!! :dukeparty:

Again, tx, GBX, for the awesome oppurtunity! :dukeaffirmative:


Had 3 chars left who weren’t level 15 yet. Cald, ISIC and Kelvin.
Got Kelvin and Cald done now working on ISIC.

*ISIC’s early game in advanced Story mode is pretty weak.
Not really enjoying this one. :wink:


Caldy, Kleese, Ernest and Montana. And i’ll probably have Bolder done by later tonight. Maybe. I’ve gots to see me some Magnificent Seven tonight.

Really glad about Montana, he’s been sitting at 13 for a while now. I don’t really like playing him in pvp and it shows. I’m pretty bad and usually just take thralls, counter push and work on sentry. Makes for a rather boring game really.

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I have 11 still to get to 15, so the list is big

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Dragon is now like 6 from one match. Deande is finished (I love her, her design, attacks, everything. But I work off of angles and straight lines, so I’m great with a gun or Phoebe but terrible with Deande

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Got OM completely leveled from 3 to 15 and mastered, currently working on tidying up the lore finished level 13-14 characters like Ernest or Deande. Once I get those guys out of the way I’m thinking Orendi followed up Montana, then maybe Thorn if I have time. Find her boring to play in general so leveling her is a chore I should probably take care of while I’ve got a good chance.

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I haven’t been shooting to get my characters to master, just to level 12 so I can unlock all the mutations (don’t really care for taunts or skins). The characters I have gotten to my desired level are:
Thorn, El dragon, Toby, Isic, Miko, Ambra, Kelvin, Kleese.

Already mastered all the characters, now I just need that 'doomsday key" legendary from Rendain and I will have all the mission legendaries.

But this event is over the top, even x2 xp would have been good, but x4 is like cheating, play 6-7 games from lvl 1 and you are lvl 15 with a character.

They should have made the event called: “pick 10 characters and we will make them lvl 15 in an instant” if they want just to erase the grinding in this game. Oh, and they should do that every pack would have a guaranteed legendary and a skin and a taunt. I guess they’re gonna make this in the future at this rate. Not much left in their tank.

/rant. /sarcasm. /whatever.

I’m levelling up those I don’t like to play. ISIC, Toby, Thorn, Kelvin, Pendles. Gosh, Toby is painful! No auto-fire, charged shots, huge hitbox, slow-moving projectiles, UI is constantly shaking. :confounded:

Benedict, though, will stay CR2 forever, I guess. He’s awful in every possible way. Toby at least has nice and fun personality.

But now I start to question what I do. Better switch back to those heroes I like, because I’m not getting fun of the event this way.

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