The 5 fps zoom window

Can we please get this fixed or replaced with a traditional zoom?

Also on the rift how do you get iron sights to work? I see the option… Do you need to use a Xbox controller instead of the rift controllers?

Also does using an Xbox controller get rid of that garbage 5 fps zoom window?

Left trigger activates your precise aim. If the gun has a scope you’ll see the zoom window, if not you’ll just see the crosshair get more narrow. You can also disable the zoom window if you don’t like it. For actual iron sights you would have to physically look down the sights of the gun.

I don’t think the zoom window is actually low framerate. I can take a shot and see the projectile fly smoothly all the way. I think the actual issue is that it amplifies your natural hand shaking, as well as any tracking jitter. I disabled the zoom window and just don’t use sniper rifles in VR for that reason.

It’s definitely running at a lower frame rate, I captured footage and counted frames and it’s below 10. You can easily tell by the many frames of missing animation as well.

Doesn’t matter…I’ve refunded the game. Gearbox pulled their usual nonsense with it and I doubt they will ever fix the many many issues it has.

I’ll just go back to playing borderlands 2 with vorpx. It’s a significantly superior VR experience.

I am not sure what the precise matter is with the zoom window, nevertheless I would appreciate any improvement.