The "69 damage chuckle" easter egg isn't real

For those who are unaware, in the weeks following the launch of the game a lot of people brought up this easter egg, which simply consists in your character subtly giggling after dealing 69 damage.

It all started from this Reddit post.

A lot of people heard this and proceeded to spread the rumor; even a lot of gaming articles popped up about this subject exclusively. Despite that, no proof of it exists except for that single original clip.

Despite all this, as you can see from the following video, your character doesn’t actually react in any way to the 69 damage number coming up, and the giggle inside the original video is actually something Amara does from time to time after a slam, even if no enemies are affected.

I’m sorry if you think all this coverage is unwarranted, but, as I said, even a lot gaming journalists covered this false easter egg, so I felt like clearing it up.

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I didn’t hear anything. Must be getting old


You mean in the Reddit clip or mine?

In the first case, it’s a really subtle giggle Amara makes after the slam, you can kinda hear it at the end of the Youtube video (since everything but dialogue is muted).

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