The ability to see how many people are playing

I wish i could see how many players are playing a specific game mode.

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Yea… well we like to assume its 1000-2000 each …

Displaying those numbers will humiliate this game’s reputation.

But with full honestly , displaying player count can discourage all players from playing the game. Since it already has low player base , we don’t want new players to come in and find out that the player base is low. This can make new players think if its worthy to sit to find a match in such a small community. This may even lead them to think about refund.

BTW, matchmaking already states that the waiting time in all modes is “long” :frowning: so either way , you can guess pretty good what that means about player base in the Battleborn community :sob:

If that helps, you have this page to check how many players are in the game, if you want to make a rough estimate.

Showing a percentage of the playerbase in each queue could be more helpful than displaying the actual quantity of players.

It wouldn’t announce how many people are playing but it would still give you a good idea about which queue would be the quickest to enter. (I think COD switched to this method over showing the total playerbase)

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From what I understand, on ps4 and xbone, devs have to jump through several hoops just to get player statistics (and possibly pay a fee or two)