The Abundance of "LF" Threads

Let’s be honest … the abundance of “Looking For” threads on this forum is a positive indicator that there are STILL TOO MANY crappy anointments and dedicated drop rates are STILL too low.

Its not a good optic when players can’t ever get the gear they want without having to hope for trades or good will donations.

Please fix things before trying to push more rushed paid content.

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I’d say console load times are also another big reason why “LF” threads pop up all the time. We can make the run, kill the boss, sort through the loot then quit out in about 15 - 20 seconds (not including phased bosses) but the loading screen to renter the game is now over 60 seconds long.

Try farming god roll COMs when you spend 80% of your farming session on a loading screen :confused:

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I recently made two and I still dislike resorting myself to trade as if they do have something I want, I don’t have what they want unless I farm for what they want and face RNG along the way