The achievements for discovering all the map locations

so I have all missions/side missions done and have been exploring all the different maps for ages trying to get these achevements to pop but no luck . ive been over every map a few times now and cant figure out what I’m missing. yes I have that bit in the back of the cave in stantons liver and went through the purple thing, and went in the lava cave in serentys waste.
somehow I have got none of these achievements :
I came from the land up over
beam me up
eridian exporer
…or cosmic completetionist which I assume will pop after I finally get the others

anyone have any suggestions as to what I am missing or can help me with these

There’s one or two named locations in Varago Solitude that can remain undiscovered even after the map is filled in (a bit like with Iwajira’s cave in Serenity’s Waste). It’s possible that similar spots exist on at least one map for each of those achievements. Unfortunately, I don’t remember which maps go with which achievement, although the wiki probably has that listed. (You could also check out 360achievements - sometimes the threads there are actually quite helpful!)

same here, I do not have all of those yet

Will be on tonight and can always run around a bit helping you look

I have them all but I can’t remember what I did to get them, most of it was just doing missions and exploring to fill the map but there were wierd ones like the Stargate in the flakker farm place that’s out of left field and the basketball court in outlands canyon.

On the Xbox achievements site there was a couple good hints that were pretty useful.

yeah I saw thos
e hints and ive been to those places

finally got I came from the land up over , also I’m pretty sure I missed something for the beam me up achievement in one of the places u can only access through missions/side missions

Looking at the list for “Beam Me Up”, I’m pretty sure you’d have the ones marked “Can’t go back”. For the rest, just a question of exploring everything and doing all the side quests. I think that was actually the last one I got, and completed when I did all the quarantine/contamination side quests. The Eradicate one if definitely my favourite!

that’s just it I have all side quests done

All I can suggest is to go back through the map with the list of actual location names, and check them off as they pop up on the screen.

I really don’t like the way this was handled in TPS - at least in BL2 on your map you could see the missing areas (some of them you had to look very carefully, but you could still tell.)

i had this problem too my location was one of the side rooms on the way too the cannon that shoots the barrier on the way to the vault , I cant think of the name of the map at the moment. but that may be one of yours . I do remember that had to go halfway into the room for the name to pop though and then I got my last achievement

well I have been over evey inch of the maps for beam me up achievement at least 6 times now and cant find what I’m missing for the achievement,all quests/sidequests are done

There is an area that you get to from Stantons Liver(if I remember correctly). Its that Stone Pillar(with lunshine skin) that is standing on it’s own. if you walk into that stone pillar, you will be warped to another area that isn’t on the map. Once i found that location the achievement unlocked for me. I think it’s an 2001 space odyssey easter egg. Start in Triton Flats and get on over to Stantons Liver. that is where you’ll find that stone pillar.

I just need the achievement for discovering all locations on helios space station

hmmmm? I don’t remember having a problem with that one. that achievement ended up unlocking for me through the story progression and completing all side missions. Hmmmmm? We’d have to run through the map to see what you might have missed. Have you gotten the BAR challenge of using all jump pads in Helios? If not, that may be it. you’ll get to areas you wouldn’t have gone to unless you’re trying to use every jump pad for the BAR challenge. I’m happy to go mobbing around and exploring if you want to get that achievement. hit me up if you see me online. I’ve exhausted most of what you can do with the TPS at this point. so I have no agenda. it’s all good.

ok thanks man ill message u next time I see u online