The (ACTUAL) Rarest item in Borderlands 3

The only way to obtain this gun was to be apart of the Loyalty program (which no longer exists)
Sadly I didn’t earn enough to earn the item for myself.


oooooh, yeah… maybe? I think I remember this. I feel like I tried to do some stuff to unlock a thing that was probably this… and ended up realizing it wasn’t gonna happen for reasons.

I wonder how good that gun turned out to be.

Wow, totally forgot about this one. I’ve been checking every source like all day, every day for those Vault Insider Program codes. Had to dig up this gun from one of my mules just for the old times sake.
Since it was just a promo, it never scaled beyond level 12.


I dunno. There’s the diamond Weisenheimer…… :stuck_out_tongue:


As a side note, the same skin is used for one Echo theme, but it’s not available as a drop in game.

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It‘s a complete joke. It‘s just a normal Maliwan SMG with a unique name and for some reason a legendary, it doesn‘t even has a special effect let alone a red text.

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Ah yes, I remember this one. Never used it because it was sent out with delay and by the time it arrived I was already on Nekrotafeyo.

I don’t even know if I have it anymore or if I just sold it to clear some inventory space.

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I got mine when I was lvl 50 already :smiley:

Same took me a week back and forth with Gearbox support. When I received it (same with the insider skin) I was already halfway through the game, doesn’t help that it seems to be hard coded as a lv.12 gun. I have it on display in Sanctuary, on my first character for what ever that is worth :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But then again if anyone remembers the thing was already buggy pre launch with the necessary 8 guns from the vault insider programm not counting…

Damn, no idea where this might’ve gone XD I definitely did unlock it at one point but don’t think I held onto it. RIP. That program is also why I hate using any heads that didn’t come from it, I wanna show of my exclusive loot!

Hope they will be droppable soon. Curious what event or thing will the new cosmetics be related to.

It’s one of the old ones, Electronics Master is the name iirc.

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I still gave mine… Kicked serious ass at the early levels, but its just a collectible now.

What about the Superstreamer?

Thats probably even more rare weapon. Only available for a limited time and in external service. I have one but I never used that, not even a single shot.

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It’s not red text item so I don’t consider it rare. But that’s just my opinion!

Yyy, Vault Hero is also without red text :stuck_out_tongue:

A legendary without Red text. Yep seems pretty rare to me…

Extremely rare, yet completely useless.

Hey, that’s just like me going out in daylight!

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Actually those who play on PC and use approved MODS can get this gun up to level 72 . . . still not worth extracting unless someone requests it.