The addition of the Company Man artifact to this game is huge!

The company man is just wonderful for this game!

It expands the boundaries tremendously of what can be “viable “in this game!

My friend @cailte In another thread, gave an example on Torgue and I will give an example of lesser weapons on Dahl.

A Dahl Company Man on Moze which would happen to have a double mag size perk (one in the main perk set and one in the secondary) mixed with the possible mag size perk on a class mod and just a few points in Iron Bank gives Mag sizes of just incredible size making something like consecutive hits go nuts. Mix it with any of the three shields and all of a sudden a Blood Starved Beast is a monster…Kaoson, Torrent, Soul Render, even Hail become VERY top tier. The company man can totally eliminate the problem that Dahl’s have with smaller mag size and constant reloading thus limiting consecutive hits and constant DPS.

And that is just one example. The same can be done for virtually ANY of the manufacturers.

Allegiance builds become absolutely doable at the highest levels of the game and it makes weapons that no one uses, all of a sudden become totally fun and useful again.

Now it also may require one of the three new shields to do this…but the implications for the game itself are huge.

Let your imagination run free and still be successful with almost anything.

Gee what a concept!

I mean a Flipper/Plasma Coil Moze …or a Rocket Launcher Moze is great…but just starts to get boring really, really fast.

Gearbox has hit a homerun with the company man! I don’t see it any other way!


You should try atlas company man and atlas replay on moze


Waiting for level 65 OPQ System…but I hear ya…

Will be FUN!


Hey thanks for the shoutout! I think they’re a great addition to the game, and like all borderlands loot, should be judged in context, rather than in isolation.

Before I upgraded to PS5 I made an army of allegiance hunters that would love this Artifact. I may bring a few back that needed help with this new artifact. But, it might not be the best choice for all of them.

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Level 57 OPQ is still pretty good at 65 (I have the uRad anoint aswell), but with a solid Atlas Company Man… it puts in work :grimacing:


A Reddit post came out today with some math that they’re all objectively worse than Pearl - but it’s significantly easier to farm for better sub stats and they make gun go brrrr

So I’m happy with them regardless

I’m using a totally legit (not) lv 65 opq with my atlas moze build and it’s just silly if you pair it with the infernal wish


So much fun!

With a Super Soldier (or really any of the three new shields) …and the Company Man

Almost any fast firing wep goes… brrrr

And a totally unused gun like the Blood Starved Beast becomes just fun as hell and VERY effective.

I agree with whoever said that they can’t wait to try the Atlas Company Man with the OPQ and Replay or Multi-Tap combo. That should be really fun. I have not gotten an Atlas Company Man yet though, so I have some farming to do.

I just wish I liked Atlas launchers.

What atlas launcher would be considered best in slot?

I just have absolutely no idea.

But since atlas only makes pistols, assault rifles and launchers I probably need to at least find one that can “work” in a atlas company man build.

Already got my grenade of course…

Found a level 65 Cloning Maddening Tracker in a vendor just the other night. And with the ability to change anointments now…got just what I wanted…It cost me a crap ton of Eridium but oh well…

Your best in slot Atlas launcher is the Plumage, it is basically a Ruby’s Wrath on steroids. Moze can make it VERY effective cause Moze, I have one with IB exit 160 splash and does good in the Guardian Takedown so that is something. I think gbox should consider removing the speed penalty from atlas launchers, there’s nothing to justify it, heck vladof too, I can’t see how the Plaguebeater with no speed penalty is a balanced thing while the backburner would be not, and moreso Atlas which doesn’t have any really outstanding launcher ( cmon Gbox make a Atlas launcher Hive style, with a big Tracker Disc flying around the battlefield and projecting a tracking-aoe, shooting at enemies into that area homing rockets. Fire and shock elemental lock, 2 ammo per shot, 4 mag, slow reload, and name it Maelstrom)

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@johnrr6 I would have to agree with @RobCheap, it’s definitely the Plumage. I am not a huge fan of the Atlas launcher tracking special effect because I just don’t care for the mode-switching mechanics in BL3. That’a just me personally, even though I know the Plumage can be pretty strong when built around.

Can Atlas grenades can get the Atlas crit damage boost from the Company Man (or other COM or artifact passives) via Moze’s PTHP? That could be pretty powerful with a Mindsweeper.

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Uhm. I’d guess the grenade crits from PtHP can get a boost from regular crit dmg boost but as for manufacturer specific crit dmg, it might be limited to guns… (?) I’m going to do a quick test with a lv 8 CMT

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Grenades got a boost fairly recently…if this is true on the company man’s atlas crit damage added to Grenades…

Perhaps a Com and Artifact with Grenade Damage boosts…

And a CMT spam fest?

You might kill yourself a bit but oh well…

To the Last would help.

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My Atlas allegiance character is Zane (don’t remember why…), so he should be OK due to Duct Tape, I hope.

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Same. :smiley: I’m really loving the Replay on Moze. When I get a well-rolled Atlas Company Man I’m definitely gonna give it a whirl. And I’m waiting patiently for the return of the OPQ System as well. :smiley:

I’m probably gonna try out the Plumage as well, as it seems to be the most effective Atlas launcher. I farm the Ruiner relentlessly for eridium and Vault Card XP and I see more than a few Plumages drop during those runs.

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The introduction of the Guardian Angel shotgun is a massive boost to all grenades as it gives 5x damage increase just by holding it. Get one with 300/90 and even mediocre grenades become good. I don’t think manufacturer crit boosts Holy Pin damage but haven’t tested with Company Man artifact. If it does then Vladof Man with Epicenter would be insane.


I can see the Guardian Angel being nerfed ( or fixed ) really soon

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@johnrr6 You can already do a Moze grenade build with an on-level CMT, Mindsweeper, PTHP, and Redistribution, and that can handle M10 play just fine. It doesn’t work on a True Takedown, but perhaps bringing the Company Man into it, if those PTHP crits benefit from Atlas crit damage, it could be pretty cool.

You also could run a Hex build maybe?

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Best in slot Atlas launcher is the Freeman. It’s fire rate is insane. You can guide the rockets like in Half-life. You can also shoot a bunch of rockets then critswap to an unforgiven and still guide the rockets. Super underrated launcher.