The Age Old Question.... Who's Next?

Who do you think will be the next BattleBorn?



I hope when he is released people stop playing Alani, cause I dont care that much for the new one.

She looks fun, but I don’t think people will stop playing her. She is a strong, aggressive healer

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This one looks amazing to me :smiley:

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He looks like he is going to be a stealthy MFer

Bet he uses poison damage too.


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Thats what I want to know. Im a ps4 beta tester and dont want to waste a key. I really doubt I will grind out 47,500 credits for anything in this game. The amount of credits you get per story mission is small.

Pointy weapon. Check.
Camouflage & Poisonous aspect. Check.

This will be good and annoying :smiley:

as i said on the other thread i saw,

seems alot of poeple like him but the furry in the community here (me) is just going WTF


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Whats with his arm/tentacle? Wonder if that will work like a grappling hook type thing, or just give him extra reach.

Well he looks like a snake or cobra, maybe he’ll have a short range hook or more basic attack range.
But to me it just looks like "he’s made from a snake/cobra and therefore doesn’t have 2 hands"
Why does he have one, no idea.

Several characters have augmetics, so might be a mechanical arm appendage thing

Same reason why Orendi has 4. Just 'cause

Yeah and also 4 extra eyes.
I wonder if she can actually see with these