The Agonizer 9000 Drops

Do it have a legendary in it’s loot table? Ive killed it about 30 times on mayhem 2, and it hasn’t dropped any legendaries yet, and I have Luck around 13% it very rarely drops some skins that I already had from common kills, everythibg else is just greens.

Keep in mind that droprates received a serious nerf this morning. Almost all my boss kills today dropped nothing but greens and a few blues.

It has a purple Cov heavy that I know of

I started playing offline when I read the patch notes, before it came out, so I didnt download it yet, so far ive killed it 30 times before the patch, 23 times offline, still nothing worth while

Hi, try mayhem level 3 with friend or random for legendaries.

Killed him quite a few times on Mayhem 3, and it seems like the Agonizer 1500, which is a Purple rarity rocket launcher is it’s exclusive drop.

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I know I’m new here but hear me out. I think theres a trick to it these guys are the masters of deception after all , I think in order for him to drop a Legendary you have to hit the critical spot in a certain order. I’ve noticed some things. And as a gamer do you really think they wouldn’t give every main boss a legendary. At least about 80% of the games bosses have dropped legendary through farming and what not. What if some are just harder to find

I refuse to use offline play to be honest. I m going to play the game that the devs provide. If they nerf it into the ground to the point where I dont enjoy playing it anymore so be it. Ultimately its their loss.

Also…had several drops from him I can remember (never farmed him but killed him several times in the course of my story-playthroughs). Of course that doesnt help you as the RNG can result in utterly crappy periods of no-shows

For real I’ve tried it a couple different ways
And the spots are
Left eye
Right eye
Under arm
Tiny hand (maybe) idk cause it purple
And back
But I’ve noticed if I try different orders I’m left with more spots. For example if I start with the back and go to others im left with two or three but if I start with the junk I’ll have one left
Idk there may not even be a trick at all but i feel like I’m on to something

yes it dose it can drop many legendary weapons, relics, and epic heads and customizations

The craders mp5 is one of his dedicated drops now