The AI question

I have played Borderlands 2 for about 800+ hours, i have played borderlands for 50+ hours and BL:TPS around 300+ hours and in all three games i stumble upon the same issue, the AI.

Just to clarify i am no expert at this field of work and im not gonna act like i am. I have never scripted an AI and have never made an AI, however i am an observant gamer and i know a flaw when i see one. Borderlands 2 specifically has this problem, too many times i see npc enemies run behind cover that are completely exposed, run away from you when you are in fight for your life because you are technically not an enemy.

I know this complaint is late into development and bl3 is coming out in september but from all the gameplay reveals i have seen this AI problem hasn’t seemed to change. Overall borderlands 3 seems like a really good game but this is the biggest beef i have with the borderlands games and i as a gamer would like to see it fixed one day.

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Actually, that seems like a clear sign of the AI developing sentience - wouldn’t you run away and hide under those circumstances? :wink:

Joking aside, this is simply the predefined behaviour of certain enemy classes - they will always shoot, back-pedal, and take cover while reloading even when you aren’t in FFYL.

In the same way, there are others that will always charge straight at you, and either blow themselves (and you) up with a grenade or keep whacking at you right up to the point when the blue swirly tunnel takes over.

As much as I hate the ones that duck and hide, part of playing the game is learning to prioritize and have tools on hand to deal with any situation (like a Nukem, homing grenades, or a Hail). At least they don’t taunt you (like the engine-controlled opponents in Battleborn versus maps) - that was just embarrassing.

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I’ve had this experience myself… which is why I always keep a rocket launcher (or a Torgue weapon) with me when there is a lack of Psychos/Midgets. They want to hide behind cover? I’ll show them why it’s a Bad Plan. Among other things, the cover mechanic of AI units is why I try to get the Ahab launcher (since it can be arced over cover unlike normal launchers) despite McGee being a bigger pain in my back cheeks than Handsome Jack on OP8 UVHM.

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The most important thing to remember about AI is that Artificial Intelligence can never compete against Natural Stupidity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So at the least we shouldn’t need to worry about being conquered by robot overlords.

From experience though a number of enemies that are primarily melee will withdraw a bit and use whatever ranged attacks they have when you are in fight for your life. This might be done intentionally to prevent players from leaving certain melee enemies like psychos around to be free revivies.