The AIM Controller Update is live for Borderlands 2 VR today!

(Noelle) #1

Update 2.0 for Borderlands 2 VR is live today, March 6th!

This update includes fixes for performance optimization, gameplay bug fixes, and AIM controller support! Below is a full list of the changes included in this patch for Borderlands 2 VR, or you can visit our Knowledge Base .

If you experience any issues regarding the update, or in general, please contact .

A hot fix is automatically applied at the title screen when Borderlands 2 VR is connected to the internet. In general, hot fixes are used to temporarily address issues between major updates. Hot fixes are not permanent – they are temporarily stored in memory during the game session and lost upon exiting Borderlands 2 VR. To ensure that you receive hot fixes, make sure that your system is connected to the internet when Borderlands 2 VR boots up.

An update contains changes that are permanently stored on your system and only needs to be downloaded once. You can download the latest update by launching Borderlands 2 VR while connected to the PlayStation Network. You will be prompted to install the update if you do not already have the latest version.

AIM CONTROLLER SUPPORT ( Community Suggestion) – BL2VR is now compatible with the Aim Controller!

  • Within the Options Menu, options for swapping sticks, buttons, or both are available. We added this to help people who are left-handed or if you want to switch around the layout of your Aim Controller.
  • Also, the option to make movement relative to the Gun or to the Head is available for the Aim Controller. If your movement is Gun relative, pushing forward on the control stick will move you based on where the gun is pointing. If your movement is Head relative, pushing forward on the control stick will move you based on where you’re looking.

IMPROVED SCOPE ( Community Suggestion) – Performance on the scope has been improved and it is now a much larger window.

CROSSHAIRS TOGGLE ( Community Suggestion) – A new option is available in the Options menu that allows you to turn off the crosshairs.

SCOPE TOGGLE ( Community Suggestion) – A new option is available in the Options menu that allows you to turn off the scope window. You can have all the benefits of scoping without having a giant window in your face.


Vault Symbols – Fixed a bug where Vault symbols did not appear correctly.

We have AIM Controller support. HYPE.

Is the game even being supported still?
(jacob50ellis) #2

Well alright aim support and scope toggle. Now we just need dlc and multiplayer.

(No longer caustic!) #3

The way gearbox rolls, they’ll -probably- be working on this now. Note that I’m not an employee so this is purely my guess. I recommend patience.

(gingertimelord54) #4

The pistols,SMGs and rocket launchers are still misaligned with the move controllers… They point to the right and down…I still have to twist my wrist awkwardly to aim straight with these guns… The assault rifles,shotguns and sniper rifles are aligned with the moves so it can’t be a drift problem or all guns would be off centre

(tristynrusselo) #5

is it just me, or are some HUD elements like enemy health bars MORE transparent than before the update??

Can we get a transparency slider adjustment?

(tristynrusselo) #6

my gun alignment is fine.
try swinging the gun around quickly in many directions while in game, including rotating the gun to point towards your chest.

(alecpitcher5) #7

Yeah, whatever. Wake me up when you bother with the DLC…

(gingertimelord54) #8

Nope.No help there… Like I say.The assault rifles,shotguns and sniper rifles ARE aligned with the moves so it’s deffo an issue with the pistols,SMGs and rocket launchers… Others have noticed this too… Try aiming with the shotgun and change to the pistol whilst keeping your arm still… (Just tap the move button on the controller to quickly change weapons) and you’ll see the pistol will be pointing to the right and down…
Of course if everything is fine for you then great


Thank you Gearbox for your ongoing support of borderlands 2 vr. The youtube PSVR community is abuzz with excitement as we test out your latest update for this exceptional game.
We are grateful you have taken the time to listen to feedback from the community.
I am left handed and am delighted with your button and stick swapping options.These functions are often absent, or poorly implemented in other games.
Do you view youtube channels like “PSVR Without Parole”, “GAMERTAG VR”, “PSVR Underground” and “Polish Paul VR”?
This is where people such as myself go to share and comment, and it seems a great source of information, reviews, discussion and feedback.
There has been some negativity about bl2vr from non vr gamer channels and people without PSVR, but the enthusiasm for bl2vr from PSVR youtube community has been very strong.

Ps. If you would consider Bl2vr dlc, that would make a lot of happy people even happier!
he he I just had to add that in…

(jacob50ellis) #10

I have the same issue to its the game. Its off ever so slightly so when you dont pay attention you dont tend to notice but it starts to wear on your wrist after a while.

(tristynrusselo) #11

There is an angle adjustment slider in the options menu. it’s the last option in the list of the controller configuration page

(gingertimelord54) #12

Yes.That option is known about… That is not the problem… You’re talking about the vertical adjustment… The pistols,SMGs and rocket launchers are misaligned horizontally… They’re angled to the right