The Algorithm - Frozen room/area the key to a gold medal?

I never got more than bronze on The Algorithm unless playing on hardcore, but the thing that intrigued me was the frozen room between Geoff and Galactic Emperor. The frozen enemies are “immune” when you damage them, they and the power stations that are linked to the pads with shards on them that you have to destroy to advance are marked as red dots on the mini-map. I scoured this area up and down several times, I noticed a screen that read (I can’t quite remember now) either frozen or cold, something like that. But I couldn’t figure out if there was a secret switch or some hidden objective that had to be completed in order to thaw out the enemies and I couldn’t figure out how to damage the power stations. I even did this as Ambra and shot everything with her level 7 mutation because fire and heat, but nothing. I’m stumped, I feel like I missed something, did anyone figure out something that I did not?

im in the same boat. i got the best grade on the other level but on the algorithm i plyed several times, sometimes with very good times, sometimes i got all the objectives without dying but never got the gold.

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anyone who was able to get gold on this map, furthermore almost nobody looked at that frozen area twice so I can’t tell if I just missed something or if there’s some secret being hidden until launch. I’ll definitely be paying close attention to this area after launch, and the whole mission in general.

Not being able to get even a silver is going to make unlocking Kleese and Ghalt hard, having to grind to levels 36 and 40 all over again, I intend to unlock them through their challenges though I don’t use them just because I want high scores on every story mission.

@Kaleidodemon was streaming a co-op run last night and they got gold. Maybe he can shed some light? Nice to see some Deande gameplay, incidentally.

Oh he was playing as Deande? Awesome! I’m involved in multiple discussions here about Deande, trying to set straight some people who are claiming that she’s weak and needs to be buffed :slight_smile:

Yup. I’m not a fan (eww, sorry) of her animations and doubt I’d play her much, but it was still cool to see.

Lol each to their own, just don’t tell me that she’s weak and we’ll be cool lol :stuck_out_tongue: