The Algorithm: Galactic Emperor boss fight is too long

In The Algorithm the boss fight against Galactic Emperor while the ice drill is breaking down the wall is way, way too long. If memory serves, he hides three times (it may be twice, apologies if I am wrong), so you basically fight him in four stages. Even with a competent team with a Battleborn like Ambra, who has perfect accuracy and thus is great against this boss, it is tedious and simply not fun. However, with a team full of new/unskilled players, it is hellish.

Please consider reducing the number of stages or at least making them more varied so they are more interesting. Right now you do basically the same thing four times, and it ends up being so rote I dread this part.

P.S. I gave Kelvin a try in story and ended up on a team of entirely new players, so I had to basically do the bulk of the damage. As a melee character, especially one as weak him, with minimal support, this battle took well over ten minutes. That may not sound too long, but when you are actually playing that is brutal.

I actually found this to be the shortest boss out of the 4. Well h3nchm4n might have been slightly shorter. I’ve only faced this level with up to 3 people though so that might have something to do with it.

When going in with new people are they utilizing chat to help coordinate? I’m guessing no since you were forced to do the bulk of the work. For damaging him quickly I’ve found setting up alot of your abilities as soon as he’s targetable will help cut him down fast. Occassionaly that seems to stun him for a few seconds where you can really hit him. I’m not sure what causes the stun, might be hitting certain part of him.

Oh, and it is 3 phases. He hides twice.

I usually play with a full team of randoms and when I play a character that can deal consistent ranged damage it is not bad since one solo player can be quite a force and can carry a team (on Magnus ISIC, too!). But I seldom can rely on newer players to understand that he is immune to everything except chest shots and regularly see teammates behind him doing nothing.

Unfortunately, I am housesitting and did not bring my headset, so I am not chatting while playing, which I agree is not helping. I still feel like, regardless of all that, the three similar stages (thanks for the correction!) are a bit much. The hide thing is neat once, and I would prefer that one hide part be expanded rather than him doing it twice.

To be honest, and this should be in another topic, the fight against the Conservator in The Void’s Edge is also guilty of being a bit tedious, but it is not quite as bad there since the fight is a bit more straightforward and the part where you get sucked into Varelsi space is neat. But, you destroy the bots powering its shields three times which is a bit excessive and feels like it pads the fight more than anything.

I understand about it being tedious. Expanding on the first would help…maybe increase the number/tpe of adds (a few swarmers would be fun) and than hide once. Or if it will be twice modify how one of the phases works so it feels a little different.

I like the mechanics of most fights though (exception being floating head phase of ISIC when I’m on melee). It feels like a more interesting raid fight from an mmo

Galactic Emperor is a tedious boss to fight. His ultimate attack is wasting the player’s time.

My biggest gripe with this boss is that if you’re playing a range character and anyone on your team is melee it’s annoying as heck trying to land a hit as the melee spins the guy around and around. Ditto on the little guys, although at least there’s a bunch of them so you can usually find a couple that you can get a few shots on before they face a different direction.

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I agree that this boss needs some adjustment. Using Rath, it was an exercise in pure frustration chipping away at him through six or seven of his attack/burrow/minion cycles. His critical hit zones could stand to be larger or more obvious. I’ve done the fight several times now in parties and alone, and I’m still not sure if his weak spot is his face or some of that ice on his chest and back.

I agree, Galactic Emperor is a bore to fight and is the most annoying to fight just from the fact that he does hide 2/3 times no matter what you do. I always try to kill him before he can hide once, but ya just can’t do it.

He hides twice in the ground to regenerate his health, which is why he has so little base HP for a boss.

He does pretty piddly damage, so yea it is kind of a tedious fight.

Honestly this whole mission needs reworked. Its simply no fun to fight through unless you have a ranged attack. I tried it as Boldur tonight and you just end up doing nothing worthwhile. At least the other one has plenty to keep you busy.

This fight, more than any of the other bosses in the game, relies on your team’s knowledge of him going into it to deal reliable damage to him. Like the fact that when you break his chest armor, he gets stunned for a few seconds so that he can take some real damage. I’m honestly fine with him burrowing twice, since otherwise he’s actually quite fragile, and he does gain new capabilities after each dig (he starts armoring himself after the first dig, and he starts using a damaging pull attack after the second). I do wish the Conservator did more than just spam mortars of darkness at the player when it isn’t shielded or in another dimension. Maybe it does do more than that, but I never noticed it (possibly because I was too busy tearing it apart).