The Algorithm: ISIC's Soul Form (solo)

So I have run through this mission nearly 30 times and I cannot for the life of me figure out how the final part of ISIC’s fight is supposed to be done. I can see that parts of the floor flash red, but regardless it just becomes this aerial battle where you are constantly getting hammered with his ranged attack and pushed around the arena and even getting forced back up into the entrypoint. Beating this fight with a melee character like Kelvin is a nightmare (i think it took 10-20 minutes plus multiple lives) and even characters with ranged attacks such as Ambra struggle thanks to the constant pinballing effect from his attacks. I love the mission to death, but that final part of the fight is just a struggle for most characters I’ve played with while running solo.

Is there a trick to this fight I am missing or is this the intended behaviour… to be locked in an aerial battle while being constantly disorientated?
I can’t think of another boss in any other campaign mission where playing solo makes you feel so frustrated (harder but not frustratingly hard).


This mission is extremely melee unfriendly. The first time soloing this on advanced I used Pheobe and it ended up taking me a hot minute to finish. Being able to hit him only once every thirty or so seconds on his final phase is quite obnoxious.
To answer your question though, this seems to be the intended behavior and I don’t know of any efficient ways to beat him.

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Step 1: play Galilea.

Step 2: get the full health blade beam perk (i forget what its called but i think it’s a lvl 4 or 5 perk on the right tree)

Step 3: profit

seriously though. Galilea’s DPS is so good that if you want to solo this mission as a melee character play her and play a attack damage, attack Speed, and max shield build and your good to go.

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It’s level 3

You just have to live with the fact that not all sections of all encounters are easy for melee. Either play ranged or have one in your team.

The floating skull section is easiest, he doesn’t have much health. Just shoot him until he dies :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I was actually asking whether there was a mechanic to the fight I was somehow missing, not that I should just use X character to beat something I have already beaten like 30 times, but oh well. :disappointed:

The whole point of playing solo is to experience the game from the perspective of each character at your own pace without the busyness of other players darting around, and from that it was made clear to me that fight was never built with a solo player in mind.

With 2 or more players, ISIC can only focus on one given player at a time, but with only one person, it allows him to just go nuts resulting in a very frustrating experience for a solo player. Yes he has next to no health in the last phase, but that’s relative to actually landing hits.

Sure switching to X character will solve the issue, but that is just ignoring the fact that there’s a fundamental problem with how the fight plays out SOLO regardless of what character you play as (some more than others). If it were me, I would reduce his aggressiveness while playing solo to give the player a chance to actually fight back before he comes in for another attack.

I play Void’s Edge a lot, especially when switching to a new character because it is by far the most character friendly mission in the game, and while I love all the boss fights in The Algorithm, it sucks that what should be a 1 minute battle out of a 30+ minute mission basically dicates which character you have to choose when you start :confused:


I completely agree there. but IMO the fight is more of a way of making a playable character double as a boss fight rather than making something that is easy for any character. pretty cool if you ask me.

I used the Experiment. Thumper turrets can do most of the job. Without any pressure you can try any character and any play style.

@Ragna888 I suppose if you look at it like that, ISIC is a total jerk so it would make sense that it would be a pain in the arse to fight him one-on-one. Don’t get me wrong I do like the concept of the fight, I just feel it doesn’t play as well as it looks on paper when you play on different characters solo.

@maskerader I’ve found the initial defense objective and fighting Supervisor Antem can be a bit challenging on a character that isn’t good with crowd control, at least while playing on Advanced. In Void’s Edge, Warlord Nix can be tricky if you don’t play cat and mouse on certain characters but otherwise you can go through the whole mission with little problems even on Advanced as you get plenty of shards and can heal S1 Wolf if his health gets low (something that maybe should be doable on other defense missions?). Thumper turrents are where it’s at, I’m only not using them much right now because I need to knock out 500 Shock Turrent builds, otherwise they’d be all I’d use :smile:

Apparently ISIC likes ranged heroes, and Marquis, moreover, is his biggest pal)

Totally, ISIC and Marquis are best buds! He’s also the only character so far that I have been able to reduce ISIC down to 25% health in one drop. ISIC freakin loves Marquis!!

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…Poor Kelvin :smile:

The flipside is that ISIC is no challenge at all for ranged characters. Even Reyna demolishes him once his head is loose. I suspect it’s just a scenario that’s been designed to entice players into Teamwork™ - I doubt much in the game has been balanced around solo play at all!

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It is, however, a bit bewildering that the deva made the last part of the fight hostile to melee, and then gave a melee character a lore challenge to be the one to land the killing blow.

Never again, El Dragon. Never again.

Same could also be said for Attikus needing to punch Rendon in the face, granted.

First time I ever played I soloed this as Rath, trying to take down his head was an absolute nightmare, and I had no idea what the hell was going wrong as like OP said, the red aoe field doesn’t seem to be quite accurate as moving outside the field doesn’t protect you at all.

They should really include a message at the start saying “this mission will be very challenging as a melee character” when you’re soloing.

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I also played through the Algorithm the first time with Solo Rath. During the beta.

It was so damn ridiculous it prompted me to make an account on these forums and ask what on earth was going on. I was sure it must have been a horrible bug or a joke!

I play as OM and he dies in about 5 sec. Sorry :frowning: