The algorithm, need help please

Hi all,

My wife and I have tried about 5 times to beat this and we end up failing every single time.
It’s starting to get very frustrating and not fun at all.

Which two characters would work best for this mission?

And, is there any general tips anyone could provide for this mission?

I just can’t believe its the first mission, and we can’t even get passed it.

Thank you!

What platform you guys playing on?

Any char can clear this as long as you stay away from playing melee-damager. ISIC is very difficult to damage if you’re melee.

Oscar mike and maybe a Miko if you want to easy mode this. Marquis + Miko is another option. You can stealth capture fumigation or summon an owl to take the aggro. Just headshot alot for major damage.

First boss: Break his shield and you can crit his head while it’s down
Second boss: The crit spot is the very small red eye. Also, buy a drone or have someone circle the boss while you’re releasing Fumigation when he’s getting a 2nd upgrade.
Third boss : Derp easy. Just shoot the body.
ISIC: Break leg then go for the center core. Head is easy if you’re ranged.

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Double check to make sure you’re not clicking advanced mode. I know it may sound condescending, but it’s shocking how easily it is to turn it on while scrolling down.

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thorn and rath. makes it easy in my opinion haha

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A ranged character with a Miko. Where are you getting stuck?

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Learned that the hard way when I played through as Rath. Getting through the last part of the ISIC fight was pure luck

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Xbox One

We got stuck two or three times at the final boss. A couple times at the first boss lol :frowning:

For Isic, shoot the green vial things on his legs till they turn red & pop out, then hit his core hard when he drops it under him.
When he shields the leg vials, Jump over his ripple waves, watch floor and move out of red areas.
In last phase shoot his floating head.

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I’d recommend taking it easy firstly…

It’s very tempting to ‘Rush in’ on all enemies, but try to give yourselves some distance, hide behind structures, pick them off one at a time, try to seperate them, this can save unnessesary ‘extra lives’ being lost…

Try selecting ranged characters, or ones that have mass ground damage abilities in their skill tree… For example, Thorn: Bow (though slow, high damage), and her specials are ground based placements that can slow and damage multiple targets from a distance… Orendi might be a good choice for a similar reason (ranged attack, ground placement damage)… Both these characters are available straight away to use…

Collect shards, and buy ‘bots’ where/whenever possible, whether a healing one to help keep you alive, or an assault one to help also keep you alive but mainly by picking off any low enemies that might swarm you at times…

Move around, ALOT, it’s quite tempting to just stay put sometimes, but it’s okay to run for your life too, find a new position, give yourself space, draw an enemy a different way…

And everyone else pretty much covered the bosses, so I’ll just stick with my general ‘maybe these might help’ tips above, good luck!

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My husband was Montana and I was Miko, we completed it on our 3rd go but we did have practice in the beta. Keep healing Montana

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With small parties, Marquis makes the end fight against ISIC very easy if you upgrade his Einz Zwei Die ability to activate on every second shot, rather than third and always shoot down the scope rather than from the hip, it makes MArquis do insane amounts of damage and when done in either single player or split screen, you can make ISIC ditch the mech suit with only having to shoot out his legs once! Hope that helps!

Hi Elle i’m Michael from Western Australia… you seem like a cool chick. Can I add you to my Xbox One? so we can play Battleborn together?

I have used Marqious and Benedict and have little problem beating him.

I have xbox 1 if you guys need help.

Obiwan Shagnobi - gt

For the final boss, here are the two suggestions that I can give you.

First, you need to have at least one ranged character. Having two melee characters (especially against his final form) is an exercise in frustration.
I’ve seen it mentioned earlier but Marquis is fantastic in this boss fight.

Second, once you destroy one of his legs, you want to run underneath him. He will have a power core which gets exposed…and every hit on that power core is a critical hit…so you’ll be doing a whole lot more damage.

Anyway, that’s what I’d advise. Bring a gun to the ISIC fight…and go for his core to get all of those critical hits.

Good luck.