The "Almost" Infinity Gun

yes this gun FIRES MONEY, now my new favorite backup gun in game. When it just won’t die and you run out of bullets, THIS will be the best holdout gun in game.

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How can you tell that it fires money?

because…he used it, so he knows it uses money instead of ammo

yes coins and paper money shoot forth and it’s ammo count is 1,470,345, same as my cash at the timeand it makes a cash register sound on reload. Very damn cool.

Wow that is seriously warped. Now I’m thinking the whole ricochet coin damage - and picturing enemies with quarters in their temples.

Edit: I am gonna go for that weapon skin. Nice work.

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Yup, I know. Just blew all my eridium on an Amara head, so it’ll be awhile.

Also that skag skull is NOT a skag skull - their mouths are sideways. Silly Earl.