The Ambra should've never been buffed post

She’s ridiculous now. I know that a lot of you are going to look at this and say no she’s in a good place or you just don’t know how to play against her, but since Ambra’s last buff she has been way too strong and I haven’t seen anyone commenting on it. The fact that she can solo any character with her life steal staff and that once it locks onto you it has crazy long range is crazy. I was fine with her solar wind being buffed but please fix her life steal staff.

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Her staff is not the problem with her. It does weak damage and even weaker life steal. It has good latch range but does stay on too long, but the damage is fine. I think that, and a lengthening to her ss cooldown and she’ll be perfect.


I was going to say, the main thing I’d like to see is a slightly shortened staff detach range. Thing stays latched for way too long of a distance. It’s scary.
And her SS definitely needs a little but longer of a cooldown.
Other than that, she’s actually in a good place.


Yeah, I’m not sure what OP’s problem with her staff drain is. It’s got the worst base DPS in the game at 70. The lifesteal on that is miniscule. If that’s all she’s doing, literally any character can 1v1 her and win, seeing how squishy she is. Her strength comes from her abilities, not her staff drain. I only ever really use her staff drain to generate heat when solar wind is on cooldown, or to finish off a jumpy character.


Here’s an idea I ran by some of the developers. No word back yet so I’m not sure what they thought of the idea. I thought I’d share it here to to see what everyone thought. I mentioned it to a few people in Discord chat and they liked the idea.

People complain about the life drain beam/tether on Ambra’s Staff of Radiance. Either it is too long so people can’t get away, or it is too short so people have to get really close to start the attack which can often be dangerous. One way perhaps of handling this is keeping the beam fairly long so it is easier to initiate the attack, but having a drop-off after a set distance.

At a certain distance the beam will be at full strength. After a set distance the damage done begins to drop off to the point where it is negligible. You can still do damage but it isn’t really effective until you get closer. Then at a set distance the beam will terminate. No damage can be done at this point and the tether essentially breaks.

I’m not sure what values would be best. You’ll have to figure out at what distance the beam will remain at full strength and how sharp the drop-off is over that remaining distance (as well as how long that remaining distance is). Anyway, I figured this would be a good way to give both groups what they want. The beam will be easier to tether to enemies but still requires you to be a set distance for it to be really effective.

You’d be able to keep the beam on someone as you chase them but if they are too far away from your effective range you do next to no damage while maintaining the tether. To do damage you’d need to close the distance again and bring them within your effective range. If they get too far away and move beyond your max range the tether breaks.

Does all of this make sense? I hope I explained it clearly enough. Anyway, just another idea I hope you guys might find useful. If not I’ll be interested to see what solution you come up with.

I may need to reword the idea so it’s a bit easier to understand. Let me know if you understand what I’m getting at or if I need to reword things.


I think in certain situations she can overperform a little bit currently, the staff beam definitely latches on for too long. Auto Aim attacks should never have that much range!

I like Kals idea on it.

If Ambra soloes you with 70 DPS, you did something horrifically wrong.


Definitely can’t solo every character. I actually like this version of her better because she doesn’t just drain lock you and then you die 100% of the time.

Most of her damage actually comes from solar wind so you are gated in that direction. I think what gets people is she has a supports built in survivability which throws people for a loop when she can actually kill you.

It’s not all cup cakes and rainbows trying to kill people though. Also her base damage on staff is 34~ and the highest I’ve ever scaled it was 75.

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For me it’s her Flame Shield and huge self heal from sunspots that do it. If she’s in lane and has a backup from 2 others she’s unkillable unless your whole team decide to focus her down. With randoms that’s no easy thing to do.

Agreed (the lifesteal is good if you get blood drive)

I disagree, she was ridiculous during the beta, my friend. No matter how OP you think she is now, I promise she was 20x worse in the beta. At release, they nerfed her into the ground, she was useless. She’s about where she should be in terms of power, health, speed, and survivability.

I think her staff needs a shorter cutoff range, and SunSpot needs another 2 seconds added to it’s cooldown, but she’s fine, really.


It is stronger then, but she has lost IMO her best helix choice

Talking about ceremonial sacrifice and mutation , meh the spam is so hight with sunspots it’s worth it

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Ambra is all about how you build her. I build her like a healing tank. I can 1v2 most classes, however, it takes forever. Her ult is her only real birst damage and you have to be braindead to not move away from the giant diamond. People piss and moan because the staff beam is very noticeable but usually her teammates and doing most the damage.

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I respectfully disagree w/ this for two simple reasons.

  1. Sunspots are weak as hell. All the enemy has to do is shoot the darn thing.
  2. Ambra has one of the lowest HP in the game. If she can’t spam sunspots she is toast.

The real problem is that people don’t shoot the sunspots. As someone who plays a lot of Ambra I appreciate this oversight on the part of so many I’ve killed.:smile_cat:


The only reason I think it need a higher cooldown is because by default, you can already shorten it with your staff, and then there’s the annoying rank 12 mutation…

I always make sure to shoot the Sunspots.


Play whiskey foxtrot if your worried about ambras. She will keep his passive on constantly and ambra has a pretty substantial crit spot for him comparable to Miko. Whiskey is really good right now imo as Kleese and ambras are really common plus any tank that they employ had to be constantly aware of his presence

This should be posted in the Ambra section, as opposed to general discussion. This topic is character specific and there are in fact posts over there. I have commented on them myself.

The only issue she currently has (Imo) is too many damn Sunpots, the cooldown is far too low…you shoot 1 down and another is up immediately.

Either the cooldown needs to increase or her Sunspots need to have fewer HP.