The Ambra should've never been buffed post


LESS HP on sunspots? LOL! You so much as breathe too hard in the general direction of a sun spot and it’s dead.


You can only spam SS if you’re expending heat through melee attacks, which put her directly in harms way. I play a lot of Ambra nowadays and I think she is really only dangerous as long as she has a team mate around. If Ambra gets focused by 2 battleborn she’s toast.

I really think she’s in a good place right now. The beam doesn’t have a long lock on range, but the ability to stay locked on at a longer range is a great tradeoff for her low DPS. Her SS cooldown on melee strikes is a great risk/reward mechanic. I honestly think this is where she should have been all along.

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I would partially agree with you. I’ve had pretty good luck with my build and loadout for her. It makes life difficult for any BB on the field. The thing about it is that you have to catch people at the right time. I can handle just about anyone accept El Dragon and Gallilea 1v1. Those guys have the tools that will quickly make you go bye bye. When you are critting with the staff while doing life steal, it’s pretty hard to beat that. I do think that every BB should be able to go up against any other 1v1. With that said, I think she’s in the right spot.

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That’s probably because she’s fine. To a tank, she’s almost useless unless she has that one mutation that lets her heal a sun spot and buff it. Her latch on range is close, it just stays for a hair too long. The damage on it is close to half of Kleese’s tazer, and it can’t chain to enemies at absurd range the way his can. Sun spots are easy to kill, even with her cdr stab.

I’ve played her, I’ve killed her. She’s finally in a spot where she’s not just a healer (she was never designed strictly for that), and she’s not killing everything.


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There it is - someone gets dominated by a good person and decides to say “x char needs a nerf NOA!”. :]

(mainly joking, please don’t bite me)

Ironically though I’d say Ambra is actually incredibly balanced where she’s at. She’s a hybrid between a DPS and a healer, and is thus sub par at but can perform both.

For example, her Solar Spheres have very low health and don’t last very long, but do both a modest amount of healing both and DPS.

Also keep in mind that her ult is practically worthless because of how LOUDLY it just SCREAMS:

“Hey, you may wanna move out of this sometime in the next millennium!”

But at the same time it all balances out, so… Yeah. :3

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Some people must be deaf because I got my first quad kill using it one match. :dukewhistle:

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Drop ult behind enemies, then sunspot for the 16% damage amp right by it, wait 1 second, Gandalf staff slam a group into the fun.
And laugh.
Lots of laughter.


Totally my FAVORITE Battleborn combo! :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: it!

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I read people say things like getting a quad kill with Ambra’s ult or staff slamming enemy players into it and I wonder where all these stupid players that fall for it are. Generally I don’t encounter people who are that bad, and if they are they usually die to my team mates before I’d get to them with a stunt like that.

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And I’m back guys. Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to try to address everyone in this one post. I’ve been playing a lot more since I made this post and coming from the perspective of a phoebe main it can get really crazy to try to kill Ambra. I was SUPER salty when I made this post because I had my teeth kicked in by an Ambra for like two hours in capture (leaving the lobby wasn’t really an option since it took me an hour to get into that lobby) but since i’ve been playing more I’m not super worried about it since if my team is half decent it doesn’t really take too much coordination for me to kill her. The thing that made her being this strong a surprise from me is that I hadn’t played for like two weeks before I made this post so seeing Ambra dominate and so hard was really frustrating. I agree with Kaleidodemon’s idea for her life drain staff. I did play in the beta ( I barely slept during it) and she is still nowhere as strong as then. But I have had much more success killing Ambras, I’ve just had to adjust my playstyle against her a bit. Also since then and something I’m super excited about, I got my first penta a few days ago as Phoebe and I was playing against an Ambra Galilea combo when I did it :smiley:


Dear readers of this thread,

The quote is what it is about and what it will always be about.

When what you are doing isn’t working the answer is not to come on the forums and demand a nerf. The answer is to do something different. And when that doesn’t work do something else different until you find what works.

This thread is one example of many where so many smart players are laying out strategies and so many others refuse to listen. And though the OP has come back and acknowledge that the fault was their own I’m positive there will be those who remain unconvinced that it has anything to do w/ how they play and what they could be doing differently.

Don’t get me wrong this game is not balanced and it will probably never truly be because balancing is a journey not a destination. But these salty, “I got kicked in the teeth by character X so they are broken and MUST be nerfed”, is not a constructive way to discuss balancing issues.

Just saying.



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Alright, ive played ambra both beforr and after the update. Before the update my problem with her was she could never heal for enough, this was becouse the cooldown on sunspots was too long. Now its next to impossable to kill her if the person playing her is good (i die maby once in incursion and can carry the team for the most part as her).
I honestly do think she needs some kind of hit, nothing serious but a reduction to health or maby a larger hit box on the sunspots (like they were on the ctt) might fix how high her servivability is.
They can also lower the damage amplification her sunspots give to somthing like 12-14.
She dosent need a hard hit just somthing small, she just feels too good.

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Like I said, beam delatch distance needs a small decrease, or Sunspot needs a second or two increase in cooldown, otherwise she’s sitting at a pretty great spot right now.
Just gotta get that shield pen helix or burst her before over shields. Or have your team on the ready to CC her at overshield point.


Please copy pasta this into the thread about her primary. It’s like talking to walls over there.

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Agreed completely.

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I definetly think ambra over performs but I can’t really say for certain what needs to be toned down about her… Bumping up her so spot cool down by 4 seconds would befo tell be a start imo. Shaving off a little damage from her… Other abolity(vacant remember what it’s called…) would also probably help. The utility in getting the staff slam imo is too good combined with the fact that the damage it does is far from negligible.

Part of the major issues though is that an ambra fresh out of the box is no where near the same level as a lvl 12 ambra with legend. Not to mention that all of her helix options just feel incredibly useful…

Her primary is imo the least factor in making an ambra great or not. If your getting killed by it you are without help, probably needed to withdraw sooner, and weren’t trying to break line of sight

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That really is my biggest problem with her.

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100% this.

I can’t be the only one that feels a deep melancholy whenever someone locks Ambra only to show up with the blue skin.

I played Alani yesterday for the first time. She’s really fun and feels more balanced (i.e fairer on the opposition) than Ambra, so I think I’ll retire Ambra as my go-to support for a while. I like playing characters that are slightly undertuned. Ambra definitely no longer falls into that category :wink: