The Amigo Sincero is completely ridiculous

Before saying anything let me just say this : this weapon makes every Jakobs Sniper Rifle in the game completely obsolete. It is that good.

Everything about it is crazy. I’ll go through every advantage this weapon has over every other Jakobs Sniper Rifle.

First off : THE BASE DAMAGE. This thing has more base damage than the Skullmasher.

Yup, this thing hits harder than what used to be the hardest hitting Jakobs Sniper Rifle in the game. And that’s without taking in account the fact that it doesn’t have to deal with that Shotgun-type spread, which severely limited the weapon’s range. It also has much more recoil than the Amigo Sincero.
The Skullmasher is completely obsolete now.

Secondly, THE SPECIAL EFFECT. This weapon has the exact same special effect as the Trespasser without being a trash-tier weapon.

Another weapon made completely obsolete by the Amigo Sincero. I should also mention that it’s infinitely better at the two purposes the Trespasser had : killing Chief Ngwatu and removing Pyro Pete’s helmet, because of the much higher fire rate and base damage. The Trespasser is literally worthless now.

Finally, we gotta talk about HOW EASY IT IS TO FARM.

It’s a quest reward, making it really easy to farm. Besides, it will always spawn with the same accessory (Melee accessory) and the same sight (Jakobs), so you don’t need to worry about those parts. And you don’t need to worry about the element too since it’s a Jakobs weapon. All you want is that matching grip, and a stock that isn’t Jakobs.

So yeah, this is it. The Amigo Sincero is the new best Jakobs Sniper Rifle in the game. It beats every other Jakobs Sniper Rifle in absolutely every way imaginable. You can get it from turning-in the BFFFs quest given by Brick in The Backburner, then you can just farm for a Jakobs Grip and possibly a Dahl Stock if you want the absolute best one you can get. Have fun !


I have GOT to get on this. So excite.


I’ve been singing it’s praises for about ummm…2 days now?

Anywho, here’s what I got after dashboard farming for about 3 minutes:

A perfect specimen, and I don’t even need a jakobs allegiance relic to tame the recoil. My skullmashers, mucks and diubs are obsolete.

@Enderborn1 I see in your first screenshot you have the Hot Mama. Were you able to get it with matching grip? It looks to be Dahl, but I can’t tell for sure. I farmed it for a couple hours and all that I got had Dahl grip. I’m wondering if it can even come with matching grip.


Honestly I’ve sunk to scanning or not following various threads - especially since I’ve barely touched the DLC. Been busy…:persevere:


Through magic forbidden in those lands (:wink:) I found that it cannot spawn with a matching grip, sadly. Only a Dahl Grip for some reason. :man_shrugging:
It’s really a shame, because I’ve legit fallen in love with this weapon. It’s so much fun to use.


Thank you for the confirmation. I had a feeling that was the case. Although with the Amigo, the farm was serious fun!

I hate to hear that. You were one of the guys here that had a hand in turning me into a total Jakob’s Junkie! Hopefully soon you can get some time in soon.


Just did this for kicks and giggles :

Yup. It literally beats it in every single category. The superior Critical Hit Damage doesn’t matter at all, I took it to the test dummy and the Amigo Sincero still beats it by like 2000K. Good God this weapon is NUTS. And the Elephant Gun is even more of a massive dissappointement now. :joy:


It was funny, because I farmed just wanting to check out a new Jakob’s sniper. I had watched a handful of streamers write it off as just another trespasser. I was shocked when I compared it to every other Jakobs sniper I had(pretty much all of them) and came to realize the power of this thing.

I have my Maya running through the DLC now, so I’ll have her pick up an op8 for me, and hopefully before long an op10.


I cut away from doing this quest to try my hand at Haderax- and will go back to the BFFF quest because a raid boss with regenerating health? Ugh :roll_eyes:


Hitting his crit spots while he twirls all over the place will cause him to not regenerate any health at all. :smile:


Haven’t picked up a OP one yet, still working my UVHM character up.
But did the whole DLC in NVHM today to see what’s up there, and the Amigo comes in at level 30.
But a, uh, Good level 30.
Level 30 Lyuda - 1495 damage. Crit 7,500 (BAR off , no skill point)
Level 30 Amigo - 4982 damage. Crit 25,213 (BAR off, no skill points)
That’s not bad.


Peg him with dot when he slithers away. I fought him around lvl77 with a couple interfacers, so I got educated on that regen. I suspect lobbing a nice aoe grenade can also do the trick.

I shot up one of the military lt. The sniper guy. He also drops a jakob’s that does fire damage… how does that compare, out of curiosity?


We got a new Jakobs sniper rifle that trumps all Jakobs snipers that have come before and it’s manufactured by Brick of all the people in the Borderverse :smiley:
I wonder what Mordecai got if what we have is made from leftover parts.

For real though, I usually don’t really like it when new guns make old guns obsolete objectively but I guess in this case it’s alright since I can’t say I have much love for any red text Jakobs snipers in the game. I do have a soft spot for Skullmasher but when do you ever get that thing…


I suppose this sniper is 100% the embodiment of “If it took more than one shot, you weren’t using a Jakobs!” :smiley:

I wonder if it’s even more ridiculous than the sniper he was using in BL2 that could one-shot Badass Loaders into exploded metal gibs. :wink:


Shame they didn’t call it Bessie. Seems it’s taking that gun’s position - but with a decent fire rate.


Nice pull! :acmaffirmative:


I think that one had the “Fuel the Rage” accessory to boost both base and critical hit damage. The item card says: Restriction: Mordecai only


Wow, I’ve gotta go do that mission. Still slowly grinding to 80 :sob:


You can just farm Uranus (:smirk:) in Helios Fallen. It’s the most efficient XP farm in the game and he drops loot like no other enemy.


I started having some trouble around level 76 because all of my gear was 72, unlike a lot of people that had OP8/80 gear.