The Animated Pilots Thread!

This is where you can post your favorite animated pilots.

Whether if they’re old or new, failed or successful. Animated pilots are great!

Here are some of my personal favorites:

The Modifyers: I wish this got picked up as an actual series. Because it’s amazing.

Welcome to Eltingville: This is geek humor at it’s finest and some people say it did a better job at it than TBBT. But that’s debatable.

Larry and Steve: It’s like Family Guy before Family Guy was a thing.

Infinity Train: I’m so glad this got picked up. I can’t wait to watch it!

I feel like I’m doing it right.


Not those kind of pilots.

I was referring to pilot episodes of cartoons.

A pilot episode is a test to see if a show gets picked up by the network or not.


I’m aware, just being a weirdo.


That’s fine.

We’re all weird here. :crazy_face:


Those were all great. I saw this episode of infinity train somewhere. Where can I see the rest?

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You can watch the rest of the episodes on the Cartoon Network app or on CN’s website.

Depending on your region.

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Cool thanks Tracer, and sorry they nerfed your Ult. :sob:

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You’re welcome!

I used to be a really good tank killer.

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