The animation times for Whisky-Foxtrot feel terrible in PVP

I gave Whisky-Foxtrot a go round on meltdown last night, and at first he seemed alright. But as the game progressed I was consistently finding myself falling behind in trades because of how much delay there is on both of his basic abilities. Especially scrap cannon. The fact that you have to waste the time to watch him reconfigure his rifle every time you want to use it feels terrible, takes an eternity and has an unhealthily negative impact on his DPS. And then you have to spend the same amount of time switching back to assault rifle. This is the only non ultimate offensive skill I’ve seen that has this issue (most can be quick fired fairly easily), and it felt extremely detrimental to his efficiency. Also given that scrap cannon is also his only means of escape, having a long delay on it is a death sentence FAR to often to feel viable.

Additionally sticky bomb has such a long delay before exploding and such a slow velocity that it was extraordinarily hard to do damage to any player that wasn’t montana sized with it. Which also felt pretty terrible.

All in all I love the direction of his abilities, but they feel so clunky and broken that it actively takes away from his playability, and generally makes him unsatisfying to play.


I wish you could target an ally with the sticky, not that it would hurt them, but that if they are in attacking someone up close, it would blow up dealing bonus damage to that enemy.

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That would be a neat talent. Maybe a low level one you unlock for WTF mastery.

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I’m going to try out Whiskey using the quick cast controls later and see if that helps at all.