The annointed post and poll

Remove them.

I would never go for DPUH, I always went for hardest hitting single shot in a farm session and was content until I decided I wanted to farm again.

Now with the anoints, the difference is almost by 50-100% dmg. That is stupid.


I have gotten to the point where I have exactly zero hope of this game ever being balanced. And with every new content they add, they make it worse. Vehicle combat has always been horrific in this franchise, and the next DLC vehicle combat heavy. And if you think that the new vehicle will make any difference, well you have more faith than l. I truly don’t think that the developers handling post game content have any idea what they’re doing. I’ve never been so frustrated with having spent money on a game as I have been with this one. As it stands right now I will never ever buy another gearbox game again.


It appears as though they never test anything properly and we get abused as beta testers

Or their team of QA testers are GODS at the game so they don’t see an issue lol

Allowing rerolling would not make farming pointless. You would still need an anointed legendary (granted, not too hard to get), and we would then farm eridium, something that is infinitely more fun and open-ended than grinding the same boss over and over. I suppose players would figure out the easiest eridium farm pretty soon (I remember farming normal mode Iwajira a good few times in Presequel), but being able to make progress even if you don’t do that particular activity would help a lot.
Not to mention there’s ways to encourage mobbing and “farming” WITH the reroll system (have reroll tokens drop from proving grounds bosses, have anointers show up in random places in the galaxy, etc)


Thank you. I came here to say this specifically. The biased wording in these poll choices is slightly ridiculous.

Most looters let you re-roll items. It does not make farming pointless if it’s implemented in an intelligent way.

EDIT: Now that I just re-read the poll options, I realize the OP has re-rolling in there twice with two different types of re-roll options; meaning that apparently only one of the options makes farming pointless?


he just put rerolling once and rerolling+nerfing anointments

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So i summon this clone of myself… It has a whole tree dedicated to it but it’s only use is to be be blown up as soon as it spawns so i can do damage for 10 seconds that its whole tree cant even touch after 10 minutes.

Great game. :+1:


the most ■■■■■■■■ excuse i see over and over again how gearbox would have hard time downscaling mobs, you literally change health multiplier and you are done, then what is left is balancing outliers. same as with guns. let’s say you anointed damage delivery is 2/3 of your dps. on average 100% gun dmg up for a vault hunter and 200% dmg from ase (this is not science just thought experiment) now let’s say you have balanced gear instead of having huge outliers. now suppose you remove anointed gear from the game and current scale was ok you simply reduce enemy hp by 2/3 to relatively closely retain the power curve of the vault hunters but now it is their skills and gear that matters not how fast and effectively they can deliver bonus elemental damage… it is not perfectly good of course but from this base you can then fine tune enemies to match the dps loss.

another ■■■■■■■■ i have heard is that anointed damages increase variety? that is a lie if i have a non elemental gun i can choose to make it do bonus shock damage bonus corrosive damage ad bonus fire damage with any vh, which means i make it cover all the types of health bars in the game, which means i have no need for any elemental matching and any need for other gear as long as i can full ammo steal by butt slamming the ground two three times. it absolutely removes raw necessity of having matching elements for beefy enemies/bosses and it increases the potency of guns in the fields where they should not excel. let’s say i am fighting shield+hp enemies and i have a gun in shock element which is good for shields but suffers big penalty for health damage, by adding bonus shock and bonus fire elements to it now i don’t care about using shock on health which in high difficulties should be a no no. you can literally take a gun in element enemy is immune to and kill it just by bonus elemental damage… great design adds to variety a bunch.

P.S. being realistic gbx will never remove anoints :d which i would support but it is not happening. so the only hope is to have them reduced to low values 30% and lower and hopefully have bonus elemental damage removed so what is left is crit dmg and gun dmg or splash dmg type buffs which do not multiply hits and ricochets


I don’t think it is going to happen, but I am in the crowd in favor of removing anointments. I have too many issues with them and farming them makes me not want to play the game.


So much this… happy to farm gear… But with annoints being more important then the item itself … gear is worthless… and farming annointments is aweful


As this forum confirms time and again, once you give people something, it’s hard to take it back.

I suspect if you asked people a year ago “hey, would you like BL3 to have a grenade that one-shots most bosses at the hardest difficulty?” or “do you think it’s a good idea to make some guns randomly spawn with 3 times the damage as the others?” most people would probably have said “no, that sounds cheap and not very fun. Design the game properly, please.”

But give people exactly that with an unintentionally bugged Porcelain Pipe Bomb or a very obviously broken +%300 damage annointment (that’s supposed to work for the top 10% of health but often works for the top 70% instead), and watch the indignant rage when you try to fix them :grin:


Easy solution … actually playtest the stuff before you release it = no insane nerfs needed later on = no negative community feedback



The issue is not with the people complaining, it’s with the lack of care GBX takes with releasing “broken” items (that’s if they were even broken in the first place, which I strongly doubt. I maintain there’s just no way they could have missed how powerful the 300/90 anointment was with even the most basic of testing ).

With Zane (and to a certain extent Amara) the 200% while ASA can often be better than the 300/90 one was, since he can keep his skills up for so long. Should we have to second guess the devs’ motives here and expect a nerf, or should we able to actually use the gear in the game without worrying that it’s all going to come crashing down?


I thought that was implied in my post. Yes, Gearbox needs to test things. The way they pump content out is ridiculous.

Though when inevitable bugs do come, players don’t help the cause by rabidly defending every overpowered weapon they get their hands on, no matter how ill suited to a fun and challenging experience.

Still not bugged. Works exactly the same as every other bonus of its type in the entire franchise.


If people are rabidly defending a weapon, that suggests they are finding using it a fun experience, no? Who defends something they don’t enjoy?

Borderlands has always had OP weapons. It’s in the DNA. And people have generally liked having them

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OP weapons prevent any abbility to balance the game and introduce power creep and constant requests of buffing other weapons which just like hyperinflation ruins economy ruins the game. when you have op weapons next to normal 99.9% either you can not make chalenging content because the those weapons destroy it or you make content for those OP weapons and u invalidate literally whole game you have because nothing outside of OP circle is usable.

bl2 made this mistake with bee shield and now bl3 makes same mistake with exclusive guns


I think that problem is more imagined than real. BL2 had issues with slag which was a mechanic that affected the whole UVHM, so the Bee was a welcome respite from that as a lot of people didn’t enjoy constantly having to switch guns. But plenty of people also didn’t use it (eg I didn’t use it much with Maya as it didn’t suit the playstyle I had with her) so I wouldn’t agree it ruined the game in any way. You weren’t forced to use the Bee but it was nice to be able to do so when you wanted to.

As I’ve mentioned before, you could pretty much run the entire BL1 with almost nothing but a Hellfire but that doesn’t mean everyone did. And everyone was talking about how OP the Anarchy in BL3 was when it first came out but now I don’t hear that much about it. People tend to get bored using the same guns all the time and they will naturally gravitate to something else once they get it out of their system. There’s no need to try to funnel them down a specific path and OP weapons are part of what makes the game fun. Most people have fond memories of the Hellfire, Pestilent Defiler, Volcano etc precisely because they were OP.

The idea that OP guns somehow ruin a game is not really backed up by available evidence and appears to be based more on theory than anything else. I’d argue they help draw people to the game and a large part of the appeal for many is to become as powerful as possible.

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