The anti Nerf (post) thread

Firstly let’s define what Borderlands is. It’s primarily a single player PVE game with some Co-op elements. It’s not PVP and it’s not competitive.

The developers have, in my opinion, done a really good job of providing us with a massive and varied toolkit to enable us to play the game pretty much however we want to and kudos to them for that.

Every one of us has paid the admission fee, and every one of us has the right to enjoy the game how we want to, using the toolkit that Gearbox has given us.

If Player A enjoys playing a stealth sniper as Flak with Fade Away that’s a perfectly valid playstyle.

If Player B enjoys being a God Mode Siren clearing away the trash in the blink of an eye with TTB, that’s also a valid playstyle.

If Player C enjoys a real hardcore challenge and decides to limit themselves to only using white weapons, that’s also perfectly valid.

Everybody is enjoying playing in their own way and having a great time.

Why then, would player C start asking for player B’s playstyle to be nerfed on the grounds of some perceived unfairness? We’ve already established that one players playstyle has absolutely no effect on any other players choices.


I would agree with you if you had said it was a Co-op PVE game with single player elements.
Borderlands has always been designed with 4 players in mind.
With that stated it would make sense to ask for nerfs for other play styles.
Using your examples. Player C opens their game to the public and blayer B joins. Player C then has their game experience ruined because of player B. Now yes a simple solution is to not play multi-player but in a multi-player based game it isn’t always optimal. Imagine if GBX made it so raids required 4 players and you had to wait for matchmaking for an hour. Then you finally get into a game and before you have the chance to look through the vending machine another random player has already cleared half the map or died and forced you to kill yourself. They start to take away your enjoyment.

Yes everyone has the right to play how they want but no player has the right to ruin other players gameplay that is where the unfairness comes into play.


playstyles dont differ in dealing bad or good damage
they differ in the way you are dealing damage
more damage comes from upgrades in a specific build, not using the “godmode build”, which shouldnt exist in the first place
and thats why things get nerfed


I’m not sure this is entirely true - the creative decisions, for better or worse, are entirely up to them. Some decisions are certainly business suicide, where some may be lauded by everyone, but these are their decisions. We can enjoy the game how we want to within the confines of their creative direction, but they are free to drive as they see fit.

If they’re opening it up to public direction, I’ll start the bidding with a request to make every single thing in the game available as a for-cash microtransaction. I want to be able to spend a buck for the weapon of my choice. I wouldn’t even say no to having some gear exclusively behind that paywall, nor would I mind having this gear available in for-cash loot boxes. Also, some of these weapons should be able to one-shot everything in the game at MM10, because that’s how I want to play.

In your opinion.

Fact is OP builds have always been a big part of Borderlands and using one is just as valid a choice as not.

If that’s how you want to play, and it’s available within the toolkit the devs have provided for you, that’s valid too.

At no point did I suggest that players could ask for anything, what I said was that there is a huge toolkit for you to use to build your character and that anything you can do using that toolkit is just as valid as anything else.


Op builds may have been a thing but no VH was ever given a press button to kill. They all needed a BUILD. When they dont they need a nerf to require one.


I’m not complaining, if Gearbox decide to nerf something because it doesn’t fit with their vision of the game, I’m fine with that, but those decisions are for the developers, not the vocal minority on public forums.


I love you!

well, then im not understanding the complaining at all
the community hasnt nerfed a single weapon yet
every adjustment is being done by GBX


Community patch 1.0 all weapons brought to the power of the unforgivin.

You’re absolutely right, you’re not understanding “the complaint” at all. The issue he was talking about wasn’t “the devs nerfing stuff because the devs felt like something is too strong” or “the players are nerfing stuff” but “the devs nerfing stuff because of “some player concerns”” which lead to nonsensical changes like e.g. the removal of the mayhem scaling on certain nova anointments.


The voice of the public while seeming genuine and in favor of the best interests of something are not always the best solution or even a viable one depending on the coding. While some things may seem trivial from the user perspective there might be hidden limitations that users don’t see. With coding a single mistake could cause the whole program to fail and that mistake could be a colon where a semicolon is needed.

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I wonder what this forum will look like when godfall drops.
Probably be pretty exclusive to DLC drops and xbox players huh?

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if thats working, I can’t wait
@GBX please nerf the beacon, the flipper and the lightshow
They are too strong^^


welp , wilhelm can actually do that with rolling thunder with fridgia

That’s 2 buttons: one for Fridgia and one for Laser Guided :wink:
Besides, as fun as it was, let’s not pretend for a second that Wolf was an OP build. It was powerful and great fun, but it was no AA Jack or CS Athena.

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Are we counting BL1? Because Phasewalk and Phoenix were pretty much a 1 button kill. Or just a love tap from the Hellfire or Defiler.


I was more referring to Amara in that. I know technically speaking other VHs could do that but none quite as easy or it required the AS itself not press button = become a god and kill everything in sight.

As ridiculous as she is, do remember you need to stack lots of action skill damage to get her to that point, have multiple enemies around, and be on M10. It does require a build, it’s just that after the build is complete it’s a one tap slap.

Why GB designed one character to use action skill damage as a gun damage multiplier I’ll never understand…

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i wish more people would get this