The anvil is broken on high mayhems

I’m literally being 4 shot due to there being several orb anointed enemies at once. I cant avoid them all at once bc they come from different directions. Plus theres always 2 other badasses who nuke me from a far whenever I peek. It takes me an hour to finish these pong fights. Other areas arent as bad bc there arent the same anointed over and over. I regret redoing my playthrough.
I have great weapons it’s just I cant easily focus one enemy due to these badasses and anointed killing me so quickly.
They somehow even see me while I’m invisible. Shooting or not.
If I get close to use my best weapons I die from orbs and rockets
If I stay far and behind cover the explosions still hurt me or they lob stuff over the cover.
I cant win without poke damage for hours to kill barely any of them.


Yep, loads of anointed at The Anvil. Seems to be an abundance of those pesky ones that keep changing size. They are healthy AF too, and I regularly find I have to fast travel back to the start to get ammo (unless I use a cutpurse build).

I find the best defensive shield to be the Transformer, with a good VH specific anointment.

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This is why I avoid The Anvil. I hate all of those Anointeds.

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Loot event :frowning:

Ambermire has shotguns. I was seeing very few anointeds there yesterday.

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Poorly scaled shotguns.
Broken, pointless loot event. :frowning:


Innit :frowning:

Just checked the thread. Yep, Shotguns in Ambermire. SMGs at The Anvil. My bad. I just remember a lot of farming for no real result. Must have been looking for a Hyperfocus.

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Indeed Anvil is a bit challenging. The mix between anointed and badasses plus the event. I find it with Fl4k and Zane the most annoying especially when 2 (few time even 4 or 5 at once) anointed. And when there are 2 or more militants in the mix (which are either shielded either imbues and full the floor with lava. These skills needs longer cooldown )

This is why I farm the area with Amara and Moze and rarely with the other two. I just run to Warden or Bullies

My son farmed the anvil last night. All the legendary I saw on his monitor were anointed.

He showed me one anointed guy he killed that dropped 3 different gunerangs. He was trying to get a consecutive hits nighthawkin that never happened and there were nighhawkins EVERYWHERE.

But he did say all the anointed enemies made the farm 100 times worse than it should have been. I saw a run where 3 of them spawned in at once.

I may help him tonight to see if we can get the gun he is after.

Whenever I visit the Anvil, I keep getting anointed militant. To this day, their animations are still broken.

yeah the anvil was always the toughest map even on old mayhem.

I thought I had a good build till I ran through the anvil, anointeds everywhere, too many badasses with rocket launchers then badass turrets, then more anointeds dropping in.

its a good map, its setup to make it very difficult, i’d say its not balanced well though, enemies constantly have the high ground and and nearly everything there can 2 shot you.

with my old moze the best I could do was try to run past everyone while dying nye constantly.

dealing with the orbs actually takes a bit of bravery, I’ve found the best tactic is running one way then doubling back and sliding around it. It actually takes a while explode even when you’re in range so you can get past it, you just have to risk instant death.

odds are against you, but good luck.

This, plus a Shock Anarchy…

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SMG are anvil not shotguns

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The story means I cant avoid it lol

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The size changes are super ez imo. It’s the orb ones that destroy me. Esp with multiple orbs following me and near insta killing me. Add in tons of rockets and it’s insane


The Anvil NEEDS a Fast Travel station at Tina’s place. Badly. The slog to get there is insane, and should be rewarded :slight_smile:


If you can get a hold of a Monarch they seem to really work well against anointeds, you just have to get up close and personal, which…yeah

@picnicoflove most of the time and not the same with all build. However, when 2 or more militants, one is with shield the other immune fillings the floor with lava. And if you are that uninspired and unlucky with a modifier that you cannot stay that in damage creates elemental pools or immunity… it’s pointless on top of not fun. So…

And… yellowcake works. But again… too little options…

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