The Anvil location 6/7 glitch

As seen in the picture attached, I have all of the map covered in blue but still only have 6/7 locations. This really upsets me since this is the very last location I need for the two trophies (eden 6 locations and all locations) and subsequently, the platinum. Any advice? Is this like jason’'s waterfalls or whatever the area is called in floodmoore basin

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I am also having the same glitch. After running around the anvil 3 times over, I noticed that the event that triggers the “entering area ___” does not trigger when entering Shankland. I believe this is the cause. Maybe the coding for the area trigger was accidentally deleted?

I had the same problem too on my Moze of that’s any help. I had to go through the trigger point I found on polygons guide then walked around a bit then walked back and then it triggered finally.

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I’m getting quite a few of these and it’s annoying as hell. I have a few maps where I’m apparently missing locations even though the entire map is coloured blue and missions even though there are no exclamation marks present (looking at you, Ambermire). Wondering how I’m supposed to complete the game and get the achievements :cry:

My advise is to keep trying.

i had the same problem and after a few times the game registered my character entering in the zone like it’s supposed to do.
Maybe do a safe file on a USB and keep trying with that safe?