The anvil loot farm

wow… wanted to farm a lvl 57 infinity… just reaching the spot i filled my backpack twice with nothing but legendaries :rofl:

hoardertinks, badasses, anointed… they are you can’t go anywhere here and NOT find a legendary…

so if anybody’s still looking for a farming spot? (oh and for those who don’t allready know, the loot tinks drops a backpack you need to open!)

and on an other note… the infinity drop is so friggin bad :unamused:
it can roll with any ellement, ASI/GD, anointed (even reload speed increase on this thing) and it drops what? 10% of the time?


Also, this backpack will disappear after a time, so if you’re in the middle of combat, open it, and get to the loot later. While I haven’t seen this, apparently these Loot Tinks will scoop up other loot lying around, which they’ll bury forever if you don’t drop 'em fast enough.

The Anvil also has bosses that drop the Freeman, Linc, and Creeping Death (all of which I love) with one of the best combat themes in the game. I regularly tour the Anvil. :heart:

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I found tons of Infinity drops in DLC2 if you have it (Tom & Xam).

farmed them to death for their gun with anointed for zane and amara… think i found 1 infinity and no anointment :frowning:

the 1 gun i actualy want never seems to drop! hahahaha normal damage infinity with ASI and 100% cryo anointment. was using my lvl 50 one but 7 levels behind it gets outdone with other weapons :roll_eyes:

“the loot tinks drops a backpack you need to open!”

Unless they are perpetually phaselocked into the floor and only spit out $42 every couple of seconds! :joy:

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Honestly, when you are looking for something specific, this game will mess with your head.

A. Keep farming for your specific roll.

B. Just chill and farm normally. Get good stuff and enjoy it.

I would go with B. Because the frustration can be real.

I honestly usually set a run limit. Like 30 runs then I am done.

Good luck.

  1. Infinity is super common as a world drop.
  2. Infinity sucks anyway.

XD it really sucks. Like…a lot.

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I agree, infinity is not worth the effort.

It’s good below level 10, because it saves you precious ammo and isn’t too bad. But once you get into mayhem it becomes worthless.

I have 8 below level 10 that I got either by loot events or doing the low level glitch. I equip them on my mules because it’s shiney.

not realy… because YOU think it sucks doesn’t mean it actualy does…

before the level cap i took down (SP) wotan TVHM M4 with a normal and a shock infinity… not going down once… (yeah, yeah… treu takedown is where it’s at… but there not only your guns matter)

and although it’s common, it’s actualy hard to farm… infinity spawn in ALL elements (6 diffrent) with buffs (for the sake of this not going to include scopes. but ASI and DPS -> i need ASI for my build) then there’s anointments… and on top of that all… the RNG stats every item is subjected too.

not my fault you don’t know how to create a build yourself instead of using a coockiecutter build you picked of youtube.