The Apocalypse skin

Was asked about this so posting it just for info.
This is the Galilea Apocalypse skin awarded for participating in the BattleFly Battleborn team matches.

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First, thank you. Second… you didn’t participate, did you?

That’s unfair as hell - means only Xbone players can get that skin then.

I hope they make it avaliable to the other platforms at some point (PC and PS4), otherwise this marks the first instance of platform-exclusive content for the game (that I know of).

And that’s a VERY slippery slope for Gearbox to step onto…


…I was on one team. (Steam: Wisecarver, Discord: wisemx)

Nice, ik you normally only do pve so this is surprising. Great job!

Very true, not sure whey they keep inviting me but I got asked again for one that comes up soon.

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What team comp did yall play as

It’s tough because both teams in each bracket get to ban 2 characters and the leftover characters go once each.
First round I was Orendi, next round Atticus.

Did you do good as both

…Well, I did perfect lane clearing but I’m not the vengeful killer PvP needs :smile:

Awesome any characters give you trouble

Atticus was a bad choice, while I could push fine Caldarius and Oscar Mike worked at a distance to pick me apart. :wink:

I geusse that Mike would not even risk getting near you so that is a plus at least and if he did then dead

They were teamed on columns out of reach, I’m pretty good with Atti but I couldn’t fetch them, or Yes indeed.

Man I wish I could watch, sure you did awesome, sounds weird the caldy did not skirmish with you, was there plenty character variety, or was it mostly just same picks (hopin for variety meta is just fancy word for preference to me)

I realized reading closer that these skins are only temporary as well? I mean, wut - you can only use it for 30 days?

Cuz that’s a FAR more slippery slope to get onto Gearbox if you start trying to pull that stuff for the “paid extra” content… =.=

Have no idea :wink:

I’m pretty sure that only the exclusivity is temporary. After that you need to buy it

It’s a limited exclusive, so after a time period it will be made available to everyone. So that means I and a handful of others get to have the skin to ourselves to show off to others and after that it’s fair game.

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