The April 30th Hotfix Dedicated loot m10 farming experience

You read excitedly that they took our feedback. They recognize the loot issues. You turn on the game. You see hotfix applied ona pole to the left of your character which dissapears.

You head to your dedicated loot drop monster because in game they decided it can only drop from a certain monster and the massive world drops that happen during loot the universe only on a designated planet only drop things u chuck in the vendor.

You farm for 3 hours. Now behold the massive m10 2500+% loot you

see every kill.

Truely legendary. This is my freshest kill. On kritchy which takes me way longer to kill than gravewarden somehow.


dedicated drops dont seem to be affected by mayhem level drop rate increase at all

It seems.even worse now! I could get a claievoyance consistently before mayhem 2.0 just not every drop but one outta 1 maybe maybe 20 runs i might see 4.

Now i see one blue. Consistently. Superb job Gearbox

I haven’t farmed for a Clairvoyance since Mayhem 2.0 but I agree with the pre mayhem 2.0 drop rates. That’s pretty much what I’d see. There was never any issues with getting them to drop.


Having the same problem. I just been trying to farm a Kaoson from Traunt and sadly…I’m not getting any more now than I was getting before the update and by that I mean almsot zero. I have gotten a couple here and there but I have been farming Traunt for days now. I want a fire version for Amara and a Cryo version with 150 Rad anoint for Moze but since I rarely even see any drop the chance I will get one with the anointment/element combination I want feels impossible. It’s pretty depressing.

I also want to get an Old God shield but reluctant to even go attempt that with shields not getting the anointment buff and the drop rate of dedicated items being so bad. I really don’t understand why there is this distinction between dedicated and world drops. Why can’t they both be buffed? Why is GB in the business of preventing fun in their own game?

I don’t expect the loot valve to be opened all the way but when you farm for hours upon hours upon hours and don’t see what you are looking for or it has no anointment or a crappy anointment it’s just…uhg. Honestly, if I wasn’t watching TV while playing BL I probably would have just quit altogether long ago because the endless farming for crumbs is mind numbing and boring.


Im currently and nonstop farming Killavolt in lectra city using a yellowcake. He drops 2-4 legendaries. All smgs not one his dedicated. Like 6 volt… Just random smgs. No monarch so far. When my bags full ill write my full inventory from him. If i do not get one monarch it means solo play is still broken and its high time i shelf this game again.

Unfortunately the event has polluted the drop pools for bosses in Promethea.


I’m not even on Promethea. I’m on Athenas and I been farming Traunt for about 4-5 hours straight. Not a single Kaoson. Was on M8 for a lot of it so I thought…maybe I will have better luck on M10 but even on M10 for the last hour+ I haven’t seen a single one. I’m sure whenever it does drop it will have the perfect element and anointment. :roll_eyes: Real fun GB. Real fun.


Athenas is part of the event this week also.

It is? What is allegedly dropping on Athenas?

edit nm. I found it. Well crap. This is pointless. What a waste of time.


What’s really irritating is that they have new guns for mayhem 2.0, new guns from the cartel event and they have the loot the universe event all simultaneously but not working together.

You can do the loot the universe event but can’t get the cartel guns. You can try to get the new 2.0 guns but not if the item is in a zone with the loot the universe event. The new mayhem modes increase loot chances but only on world drops…not dedicated drops.

Then on top of all that you have the item scaling debacle ruining everything in between. Why are the new drops/events/modes canceling each other out? Who came up with this convoluted, ill-conceived system?


Gearbox should’ve just have ONE event at a time, i think this multiple events are the reason i cant play the villa without crashing.Really want the cartel head and skin -_-

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no, it’s rarely on any MH LV, mostly or all the time. whatever, i turn back to gear the luck boost artifact, or i will find largly less on legendary.

how bad it’s when u see most of the drops is XXX Dps, 1-2K or 3K DPS ( with 1-2K Edmg), etc. these are the LV of STVM or MH1-2, no even close to above MH3 LV.


4+ hours farming for a Kaoson today. None. M10 Cartel mini-boss kill (Smallums):

That’s some epic loot. No really. It’s epic. 3 f*ing epic. Think I might be done with this futile game. The game literally defeats it’s own purpose as a looter shooter and I’m getting tired of wasting so much time for nothing.


I agree with you there. I’m kind of done as well. I farmed geniviv for two hours get a single dedicated drop much less the M6+ exclusive. Maybe I’ll get back in when this is all figured out, but right now it’s kind of a mess. There are maybe 6 guns that have scales well with M10 (all of those are ones which they just introduced with mayhem 2.0 and are just reskinned scaled up versions of previous weapons-the creativity is running out a bit) and they all have the worst drop rates especially with this ongoing event.


I’ll add that they polluted both dlcs with standard world drops too so if you want dlc specific world drops good luck :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


I highly suggest you guys open Support tickets submit screen shots etc of what u have and have seen. It shows their hotfix is not working.

It really makes the game not fun. Because we’re seeing ppl in takedown not getting drops and the slaughter pits… Now thats rediculous for the slaughter round 5 weapons also.

Cartel.minibosses for some same deal with not dropping. Personally as i am able to solo everything still at m10 games still a nightmare to me because you really cant find loot for the effort u put in because of gearboxes own patches events etc which change the game.

Named dedicated drops are a nightmare still. Id say even worse as im getting BLUE DROPS now


Well that explains why I keep getting artifacts/grenades from traunt instead of what I actually want. Damn, we have to wait until May 7th to get kaosons?

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So let’s try to sort through the logic of these “events”…

You can farm Villa to try and get the Cartel weapons but the drop rates are abysmal even with the alleged “fix” to mayhem levels.

You can farm the zones of “Loot the Universe” event but it’s only world drops and doesn’t include DLC items or Cartel items (unless you get random Cartel mobs). These items don’t scale properly so if you are playing on a high mayhem level they are subpar.

You can farm the 2.0 weapons but only if it’s in a zone that is not part of the “Loot the Universe” event and even if it isn’t…the drop rates are bad.

You can try to farm DLC items but they are also polluted with world drops and also don’t scale properly in higher mayhem levels so probably a waste of time.

You can get 100% anointed items on M10 but if you want a shield…maybe not. Also, good luck getting the actual item to even drop in the first place to have an anointment. Any other loot anti-synergy I missed? o.O


hum well at least iam not the only one getting dry drops.