The April 30th Hotfix Dedicated loot m10 farming experience

then asi posted, weapon system isn’t consistent in DPS or E dmg is another issue to player when deciding which one is better, as they are incomparable simply after MH2.0.

Supposedly all drops on m10 are anointed.

Went to farm Old God from Empowered Grawn.

Got a cryo Old God after 3 runs. But… NO FLIPPING ANOINTMENT.

Killed him about 20 more times and never got another one.

Although I did get a corrosive Anarchy with x12 pellets and ASE 100% damage so I guess it’s not a total loss.

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GBX has said they know about the shield anoint issue. It’s a bug and they’re working on it.

Hopefully that includes fixing the fact that Old God can’t have ASE Dmg anointments (might be a console only bug?).

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Blue rarity guns im getting anointed tho. <3



Wow… I’ve wasted so much time trying to get this and you’re telling me it’s bugged.

Why? Ignorance is bliss :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Yesh but fox u want the x18 versions so u waste ur clip faster. Anarachys became trash to me aftwr fsrming the twins i kill both by splitting them up across the map. Only ones id run are the radiation or electric so i wont instantly die thanks to immune shields. Afterawhille the radius seems to just damage u from pretty far too. .

Why is this even a bug? Do they ever test their hotfixes decently?

Their QAs (if any) must have incompetent test scenarios.


So when the next hotfix? Next week when they switch the planets? I walked in so positive about this game. Mayhem 2.0 has changed me and my outlook. Especially my farming 6 hrs for one thing playing for 10 hrs one day. Soon ill be back to work and well…

These drop rates you cant have a life if its 1.9% chance to drop a dedicated loot at m10.


I’d say that’s being generous. Maybe .0009.


the patch seems to work for me, i have been farming katagawa Jr. and Killavolt for about 3 hrs on M6 yesterday. atleast 2 legendaries dropped every run and i got 2 sand hawks and 2 monarch. no offence to anyone but please dont forget that loot drops is still and always will be RNG


No offense you say? Im sure m6 is fine somehow but we’re talking m10 with 2500+% loot modifiers and getting purples and blues and the maliwan take down amd slaughter round 5s which take effort and time

And ur in here like… Oh im in M6 and everything’s peachy your time gripes and concerns means nothing. Real uncool broski. Real uncool.

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im sure that all mayhem levels or even no mayhem levels take time if you want something. the loot modifier could be 25000% and still would not guarantee the drops. thats how RNG works. im sorry you got offended by my post

Preach even killersix is on Twitter after today’s hotfix saying still not fixed and on top of that the scaling of weapons is not right and how mayhem 10 + modifiers aren’t worth the time for less loot than we we’re getting previously on mayhem 4 before Mayhem 2.0 lol

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Traunt, got a sick WHITE Laden AX-7. Mayhem 10 of course.


Love it! I mean i always felt weird hardly seeing green and blues and now i see em all the time on m10.

Its so weird everything was a sea of purple or orange pre mayhem 2.0. Now i can truely appreciate things like the green “frag grenade” i saw before.


Gbx while your at it,please take the legendary skins and wall art and weapon trinkets out of loot pools.
nothing like farming and the boss drops eight legendary items only 2 are weapons,kinda of a bummer.


The fact base game world drops are now in DLC’s really, really pisses me off. I would ALMOST be alright if it worked the other way around too, but as of now they just further ruined another part of the game which is impressive because they’ve ruined a lot in one fell swoop :confused:


Time for a white-only build on mayhem 10


Foreal I mean I don’t mind mabye one here or there like it was pre this hotfix but now it’s insane and it only seems to be for named enemies that aren’t true bosses ex: Tom/Xan which is one of the best farms in the game for efficiency for dlc world drops.

It’s weird now I’m at the Empowered Grawn and now a standard world drop in sight but now it’s back to save/quit look at the 2-4 legendaries (mabye none still :roll_eyes:) rinse and repeat.

Whatever they did it seemed to affect named and badass type drops but not ‘true’ bosses which is why good luck getting anclairvoyance you want I bet I haven’t even tried

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