The April 30th Hotfix Dedicated loot m10 farming experience

I took pre mayhem 2.0 for granted… I mean I.believe i could get an item. O xe outta 20 killa maybe not tge version i wanted but now ita rediculous.

I asked my wife to farm psychobillies and killavolt withme.

No banjo between the both of us and we actually got greens and.blues majority.

For killa volt we farmed until she decided shes getting a headache i feel bad lol… Anyways thats hours.

We got one monarch between two of us after hours at m10. Just 1…all.the drops are.trash smgs.

We both got a 9volt first kill but well.l crap anoints.

This isnt fun anymore. Not only do you gotya hope for the right version with guns as tbey have parts and firing modes but then u have also elements and the. You now have anoints abd with such a insa ely tiny drop rate its unreasonable to play and farm now.

They really messed up and the hotfix made it worse. Because blues and greens now…why.


If you people dislike dedicated farm, why do threads like Put more legendaries in world drop pool die? Loot the universe is a perfect opportunity to make farming better and more fun.

Can anyone tell me what’s the point of loot the universe if all the legendaries that will drop (except a VERY few like lob) will be pure garbage?

Not only that, but you ALSO miss out on cartel by farming bosses. Farming story bosses is a snoozefest and it’s totally your fault by not protesting enough against this garbage. If there was a thread with at least 100 likes on the front page that wanted all dedicated loot to be gone, I bet gearbox would think about it. At the moment, they don’t even know this problem exists.

Wow people like you and that other guy make me not even want to bother even writing here.

Hell its all our fault for not doing what you say. Coming off as insanely toxic.

I always suggest ppl send tickets as they say thats the only way they will know. Its even in their patch notes. I highly believe they avoid the forums for their own mental sanity.

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now DLC droprates are broken…

farming tom & xam yields 1 legendary at best (where it used to be 3/4/5 each time killing either one)


well ■■■■, i was gonna farm for Sand Hawk but no now i guess.

i wish we could gone back to the og op level , much less issue appear with that simple system that we all agree it wasnt broken and it wasnt too easy.

m10 forcing us to have a good annoint or use op new stuff , i really dont like how it is going .

btw every time they release a drop event, they just gonna increase level cap . We’ve already done so many pointless farming lmao.

annointed, drop system, balance, broke the game

I had ggod luck with kaoson, but man im starting to wonder if Agonizer even drops the backburner. I farmed him to death on 6 and then the modifiers were unreal so I upped it to 8 and that was a chore and still nothing, please up the droprate Gearbox.

The funny thing is I got a few of them when they first became available but I was playing on M6. Since then they have “increased” drop rates for mayhem levels and I have started playing on M8 and M10 and I have yet to see a single one on the harder difficulties and I have far more time farming at the higher difficulties. That makes no logical sense.

I’m not trying to downplay or dispute the validity of your findings. However on ps4 yesterday afternoon I got 3 kaosin in probably 12 kills. Mayhem 7 for what its worth.

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OK but if you read my last comment I said I got several (4-5 I think) when I was at M6. The issue is that as you increase the mayhem levels the drop rate gets much worse…even with the alleged “fix” in place. Getting 3 at M7 seems perfectly inline with what I am experiencing. Switch to M10 and see if your drop rate improves like it’s supposed to or if it gets worse.

And so what we need to see happen is 2 sided. The rates at which they drop are minimally as good as lower mayhem levels. Probably a little better. AND the quality of said drop is consistent with the mayhem level they drop in. The patch notes are somewhat vague or open to interpretation in my opinion at least.

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Hi, I can honestly say that Kaosons are still dropping during this event… I just picked up a couple during last 2 hours of playing last night… So, do not give up…they are out there even if they are rare…

What mayhem level was it that you were playing? If it’s M6 or below that probably explains it. If it’s above M6 you might be the exception not the rule. I spent 5 hours straight farming last night on M8-M10 and didn’t see a single Kaoson drop. At some point “not giving up” becomes insanity.

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I’m farming him on M10 and I’m seeing some but not very many. All of them have been kinetic also unfortunately.

Hi again… @Sidartha and Poppy… Thanks for the thread by the way… I agree with all of your findings as I have been Farming MH10 true takedown, Slaughter , Villa, Traunt all day every day since Last thursday…

True Takedown raid and the Slaughter Shaft were the most affected my the Hotfix IMHO… So many greens and maybe 1 lego per Valks etc … Totally agree this is seriously broken…

I will just comment though that even though I am not neccesarily happy with Traunt and Kata junior they are absolutely both dropping their Sandhawks and Kaosons…

MH10 needs adjusting and obviously something went wrong here… I am presuming that Gbox will be very aware by now and flat out working on a hotfix to fix the hotfix… Hopefully Gbox wont suffer the same fate as Anthem did and have their player base leave due to making the hardest difficulty endgame unrewarding and impossible to get the gear for the required builds to combat MH10 solo…

Am I having a ton of fun with the villa event, MH10 modifiers and Loot the universe events? YES
Am I feeling rewarded and getting gear for building my characters?.. unfortunatley not at a rate that makes me want to spend hundreds of hours grinding MH10

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It does seem lower tier mayhems have alot of better luck than m10.

I believe we can get koason maybe 1 outta 20. It just feels like the loot gets worse the higher the mayhem level. Try farming m10 and let me know your results.

As for other dedicated drops they seem almost impossible and for encounters that take maybe an hour or so such as slaughters, true takedown. Take down etc. It can feel very unrewarding for increased difficulty.

In example i can kill a non loot planet spawn named etc and the loots gotten to become blues and greens both my wife and i literally farmed psycho billies dozens of times. Because ya kbow its not hard to farm for a banjo. Both of us got blues greens whites an odd purple. Low amounts. For mayhem 10 and doing this rinse and repeat for hours
We did killvolt and got two monarch between us in two days. Since post patch.

Thats a tad absurd.

Anyways.more luck to you. Im glad its not affecting you as much on m7.

Speaking as someone who has painstakingly tried to farm a clairvoyance since the moment 2.0 hit on mayhem 10(over 270 kritchy kills on record before I gave up trying to get a good roll) I can assure you dlc drop rates have been just as garbage if not more so since inception. Also now we have to worry about reg game world drops polluting dlc loot pools making it even more of a crap shoot to get anything worth a crap. They’ve really tried their best to turn this game into a chore with the implementation of this update and I’ve already moved on. I legitimately had better drops rates for legendaries that were GOOD when BL2 first dropped and those drop rates were BAAAAAAAD!


This is Anthem loot crisis all over again

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And it’s OVER polluted with standard world drops

Leave DLC areas alone and have them drop DLC only items :roll_eyes:


i jut started farming wendigo for old god
i think thats a waste of time
do you have a better advice for me? XD