The April 30th Hotfix Dedicated loot m10 farming experience

Empowered Grawn, I’m on day two and have had a more drop than I’ve ever had anywhere in the DLC. Plus you can kill him quick enough and skip his immunity phase plus death trap is there to help lol.

I really want to get back to Tom/Xan but they’re polluted with standard drops if they do drop anything now so it seems the Grawn is great for old god/ anarchy. I haven’t left because I don’t want to rerun through the map at least not until my backpack is full


My research from online said Empowered Grawn was probably the best place to farm Old God. I been farming it off and on for over a week. I just finally got an M10 variant with a good element and a useable (I think) anointment but it has been a painful slog.

I’m unsure how effective that anointment is but I’m very happy with the other rolls and the element at least.

ima try get a RAD one with triple turtle xD
or maybe triple adaptive
dont know yet

Pre mayhem 2.0 i coukd always farm.for clairvoyance. I mean i coukd hope for 1 outta 20 kills.

Theres no other source ive never seen it dlc

Now its like impossible

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Can old God spawn with an amp? I might try to get one then if possible of it has on action skill use it does shield break and full effects anoint.

Im.not sure what kind to farm for my wifes siren other than ase types which is the old.

I wanna do takedown now for the shield with the amp circle…ive had it once before but its shield cap was like 10k which is prety bad.

Its just hard to bring myself to lower the mayhem level… Incase of drops. But m10 isnt dropping crap. 1st day i went to m10.and havent gone back.

I’ve never seen one with an amp roll. But I did get one with the new ase amp annointment

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no, hyperion shields cant have AMP


Ur super knowledgeable lolli42

I was wondering if u know if mayhem level affects which anoints appear on shields. Im sure i could blow through m6 ina heartbeat so i thought about that as an effecgive way to get a version 0.m with action skill shield full empty annoint.

Scoring that might cheer me feel.happier i think…shrugs i searched alot i kept seeing lvl 50 stats and variants. I dont understand how variants work in the first place. Do u have a link to a guide or something. my friend with all the stuff its giving me right now.

theres everything here :slight_smile:


Specific to mayhem 10… Theres a few forums of many ppl saying they got almost NO LEGENDARYS completing cistern of slaughter. Some ppl do takedown a few times and get 3 or 4 whole run.

So i go to youtube see dpj. Play cistern his new backpack full of like 10 koasons all optimal drops and anoints. he swears hes mayhem 10 etc… Youd think thr games.fine and dropping legendarys…

Im convinced the dude uses loot hacks n other things now besides players sending him stuff. Because he has orange littering his game.

His build is. 4 perfect koasons… His m10 cistern run spewing legendarys…

Lmfao if i was a dev and saw that id think wow this game is fine.

Im like so angry

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No wonder those guys won’t make videos complaining about drops because they’re bullshitters. The closest one was moxsy but then he said I’m not gunna talk about it…okay bro you have a platform to benefit everyone but you’re not going to talk about it? Selfish ■■■■■

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Some of these YouTubers get access to content early. Being too critical of GBX could potentially jeopardize that, leaving them less able to compete.


Well I’m glad that I finally figured this game out and never have to watch that nonsense ever again. If you can’t stick up for what’s right your just like a politician.


Farming on M10 late last night… Traunt 20 kills…2 Kaoson’s(Finally got an incendiary) KV 20 kills… 2 Monarchs(one incendiary) GenViv the PITA 5 kills…1 Reflux and Kat Jr…5 kills…1 Sandhawk(Rad). so they are there. Drop rates do suck tho I’ll agree. The mess with getting proper level gear is another thing all together.

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Ah man fish when ya say stuff like that and they ignore the rest of us… Its like some of us farm for 6 hours and see 2 drops. Thats gonna be eay over ur 20 times

Outside of bosses, dedicated drops are so low it has to be a fulltime job… Literally i recognize katagwa and traunt also killavolt can now rreasonably drop. They fall under loot the vendor trash universe right now too.

Theres ppl running true take down 7 times thats and getting 4 legendarys.

There are ppl getting 0 legendaries from cistern of slaughter m10.

And then ya strolll along… Woopteedoo i got this its all g work harder keep at it champ. Meanwhile ppl been writing how much time they put it. Looking for other drops

I dont think we should be limited to loot the universe bosses. I mean ive been gone outta my way to show loot is worse on m10 with testing turning mayhem on and off.

Ah oh well. Theyll probably listen to you. Ppl like me will shelf the game. Cuz there’s no issue. Feel me?

Hey maybe ur lucky and ur files arent blocked up like some players show in game files.

I can do ur 20x kills in 20 something minutes so im looking at you like… Dude.

For katagwa i can link with my wifes amara. For killla volt well i have yellowcake. Though i been monarchinf his face and pewpewing sometimes cuz im zane. Fair enough to say most time spent is reloading the game. Traunt dies fast to everything.

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I mean if we want to talk about dedicated drops actually dropping on bosses well then yeah they do but take traunt for example he has 3 now if your doing M10, I get a dedicated drop almost every 3rd to 5th time but it’s mostly the devoted, then tankmans shield, then the kaoson. When you put something new into the pool why not remove at least one of the others? Does anybody even use the tankman or devoted anymore? I bet not especially on M10.

Well I guess it’s just me trying to stay positive. I totally get the frustration guys. I have stayed away from Circles and Takedown and focused on the Villa and new weapons. I am on your side and I hope and think the devs will straighten this whole mess out sooner or later. Many… like you I’m sure… remember the grind BL2 could be. There is just so much stuff in this installment… I was worried about this from the start. It’s become so diluted.
I was just happy seeing a Kaoson with incendiary, let alone one with a good anointment. I’ve been here since the start in 2008 or so with BL1 and as much as I love the game it is suffering a bit.
Apologies if I came off all game is great bs… I know it has problems.

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I just did a run through the Cartel area and killed Joey on M10. There was a total of 3 legendaries that dropped before getting to Joey. Yep, a whole 3 on M10. I killed the mini-bosses and Joey and there were about 8 legendaries dropped. 1 Fish Slap, 1 Grease Gun and all the rest were crappy world drops (I’m looking at you Woodblocker). Total garbage.

Gearbox has completely ruined this game. I can’t even get the OPQ or Yellowcake to drop and mini-bosses rarely seem to spawn outside of the Cartel. If they do, they don’t drop anything.

Lol… Just did the same thing and I got less than you. M10 is the problem for sure. I only run M10 in the faint hope I might get rewarded. Other than that I go low level just to get the achievments done.
It’s a ■■■■ show as far as drops go… no doubt.
But… Moze and the Kaoson. Holy crap.
Did the same run with no new weapons… Got owned… Miss using my Cryo Helix. Just a pea shooter now it seems.

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The rates at the Villa have gotten dreadful for me, especially since the 4.30 Hotfixes. The mini-bosses are dropping nada and Joey and crew are dropping trash as you said.

For something like this where it is a full on dungeon plus the farm to access the dungeon and not a simple boss fight the rates should be better. For timed events, they should be better still. Really when you think about an event that is ~45 days long most people are realistically gonna do what? 2 runs a day? There are 8 cartel weapons so 8 drops in 90 runs would be 1 drop per 11 runs just to get “a” version, not even a great one, of each and these weapons don’t drop at that rate.