The April 30th Hotfix Dedicated loot m10 farming experience

It really is ridiculous. Two events going on right now and I just don’t even feel like playing the game. I don’t know how they could possibly screw it up this bad. That takes real effort to do.


Hear ya.

I think the dedicated loot drops are about the same as they have always been, about 1/20? Perfect gear should take time to get, the annoyance for me is when you do get the drop you want and it’s annointment is garbage (how long do you spend airborne?)

Thankyou and sorry at the same time fish. Good to hear ya recognize the issues. There are ppl saying we shoukd have some kinda ultra hard super grind… This aint like pearl farming but tbh pearl farming was easier because tubbys if you know routes and where to look. Anoints just add a dimension i actually love <3 and hate. Its kinda too much with the parta game also on a legendary. Not to.mention element. Im farming the only guaranteed drop in the game. Prototype x whatever its called designated ion cannon stationary bullet sponge 2.0 dropsite.

Loot should be like this guy. Intact outta the dlcs this may the only one untouched and unpolluted.

Going for movement speed zane slide ion cannon boss half way dead boss shots for garbage loots. Whole shield bar gone etc.

Ion cannon drops fine. It always has.

Richos do you do take down 20.times ina row or something? Cistern of slaughter too? Wow im amazed.

I gotta. Uninstall im too noob for them rates.lmfao

I thought devs had learnt from Anthem… And Borderlands was always the ONE Looter Shooter but atm they ruin the fun… If they want to Nerv something it work’s straight but fixing loot… Must be a task worthy for the trails of Heracles :rofl: and the even bigger BS is this whole hot fix system… That means if I can’t connect to the internet I got to play on unfixed BL3 and all builds are ■■■■ because nothing is working the way it should :ok_hand: Gearbox thank you for giving nothing.


I have farmed for a fire soulrender SNTNL cryo for 6 days and have yet to see one. I have never had a kaoson or sandhawk drop. These M10 drop rates definitely need looked at. I do see tons of blues and greens though.

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It’s not RNG in this case. M8 and up loot simply is not dropping properly. At M10 the drop rates are worse than I have ever seen in this game…

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Dedicated loot farming has always been a dreadful experience for me in this game. But as far as this last hotfix goes, I decided I’d try to get a Kaoson from Traunt because it’s a new weapon I haven’t used yet. I just ended up putting the game down when I went all day without getting one to drop. Not really worth my time considering all the other problems the game has since the disastrous Mayhem 2.0 update. Sucks that I’ll be missing out on the limited time event that’s going on but the game just isn’t worth playing to me for now. Maybe after 4 or 5 more hotfixes and another patch I’ll be back to really having fun.

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Well lucky for you the kaoson isn’t limited time, so when they fix it you’ll still get it at any level. However the OPQ, yellowcake, needle gun, pewpew are cartel event drops.

Unless I’m missing something but all the new boss drops are part of M2.0 just like the old M4 only guns

My apologies, I did not mean to imply the M6 exclusives were limited time, just the ones from the ongoing event

The problem is actually far worse than that, and why I stopped farming long ago.

Back during the proving grounds event where the boss had a 100% chance to drop something from its dedicated pool.

I decided to go for it, since at the time I needed a replacement mod for my amara.
I ran it, i hella ran it, I did the trial all day everyday sometimes late into the night/morning for most of the week. I did it on m4 at first then quickly dropped to m1 then no mayhem when I realized the trial scaled to my level already, and the legendary drop was guaranteed so why not run it as fast as possible on the easiest mode.

My average completion time was 4 minutes, my goal criteria for the farm was to get the same name version of the class mod to drop, with identical or better bonuses to the one i lost.

Long story short, that didn’t happen. After probably over a thousand runs, I had 1 mod with both satisfactory but not great bonuses and matched the exact version of the class mod I was going for.

This farm took all my time, to get this one item I couldn’t even play the game I had to devote all of my game time to farming for the perfect item, and I didn’t even get it.

Think about that I couldn’t get a perfect roll for 1 item in an event where the loot pool had a 100% drop chance, it didn’t always drop her mod, but it dropped 5 items each time.
This event ran for 1 week the odds were so bad I didn’t even have time to try for my other characters.

After that I realized its not worth farming to get perfect gear because its not feasibly possible. If it couldn’t be done during an event specifically tailored to do so there’s no way I could do it during regular play.

Especially in a game that has more factors than ever to account for.
To get the perfect gun, you need it to be the right level (mayhem now), the right element, have all the right parts, the right name/version, the right manufacturer bonus, then on top of that have the right anoint!

At best, I’ve only ever gotten 2 of those factors to line up when actually farming.

My best gear has always been things that just dropped at random; keep in mind this is all during the recently ended co-op events boosted drop rates, but with mayhem 2.0 that won’t cut it. If I’m taking it easy on lower mayhem and my perfect weapon drops then, its horrible because its no good to me there.

So if we want the good gear we can’t even relax and play whatever (assuming they fix the mayhem drops) because a good weapon might drop when we’re not expecting it.

I got a consecutive hits grease trap the other day, and you know what, I was on m2…


Yea I just did Maliwan true takedown solo on m10. I got exactly 12 legendaries. 3 from Kraken, 3 from Valks, and 6 from Wotan.

Disappointing because before I would run MTTD solo and get at LEAST 20-25 legendaries (outside of the takedown/co-op events which I would easily have over 50 each run).

Hopefully it’s some kind of bug that will be fixed, because there is DEFINITELY not an increase in loot.

actually even during solo play you were still receiving the bonus from the co-op event it was probably just slightly lower for a single player instead of a group.

I’ve done maybe 30 Cartel runs since it came out, and I got at least 50 total drops (I count 35 in my gear tracker, and I know there are at least 15 more that I sold or gave away because it was a duplicate anointment or something).

IMHO the only two of value are OPQ with 300% damage V 90% health and Yellowcake with x2 projectiles and the same anointment (I got one that has ASA 200% damage which is also great).

Fish Slap is also good but super easy to get, I have 7 of them and I know I got at least 10 total. Needle Gun has potential, but was the hardest to get in my experience, I only have 2.

And this is having only done maybe 1 Cartel run every other day since I got all the challenges done a week ago.

If you want the Cartel gear it’s actually way easier to just go to the Scraptrap area and farm Cartel beacons to get the bosses to spawn. I had 3 Fish Slaps in that area at one time. If you are actually running the Cartel mission to get the event loot you are doing it wrong.


Yeah im.gonna try it again i tried the claptrap pit and i got one boss spawn and didnt do it again

But i just did the whole mansion and got only a legendary class mod executor and a legendary room decoration i own already.

Its fun because i can pewpew most stuff to death witbout pearl seeing 500k crits fly up. I swear the pewpew is why i stay playing. I have some garbage monarchs they dont crit Like this. But i havent found a 8x cryo with asa200 yet.

I actually dont have an electric banjo. I tried farming forever the other day. I mean hours. I dont think it will with the way their settings are. I mean im genuinely having fun killing stuff just… I like the special weapons from named mobs for my build/personal loadout.

I mean clairvoyance is a sick gun.i imagine the masher variant will be above 4k each so a gatlin masher with 200asa then swap to a ion cannon or unforgiven after some crit spots loaded up.

I mean i cant imagine it sucking saw someone had a normal at 12k. The things a proper sniper rifle now.

I wanted to correct the above statement to prevent the spread of misinformation. At least as it pertains to Xbone, Old Gods most definitely can spawn in-game with 50% ASE elemental damage. I have gotten Old Gods to drop with ASE elemental damage in all all elements. Perhaps obviously, I play on Xbone, so I cannot (and am not attempting to) verify my statement regarding the on ASE elemental damage anointment for the Old God on any platform other than that Xbone.

Most recently, I received this one just this eveninf as a drop from Amach in Cursehaven:


I would not in any way argue with the fact that the Old God seems to be a pretty rare drop. At the very least, it seems to drop much more rarely for me from the DLC item world drop pool than some other items that also can world drop from the GLT DLC (e.g., Flama Diddle, Insider, the DLC COMs, etc.). However, it most definitely is possible for the Old God to drop in-game with an on ASE elemental damage anointment, at least on Xbone.

The Old God drop bug was definitely a thing, numerous people on the XB1 sub-forums were reporting it.

Seems like GBX fixed it in recent hotfix or maybe the patch and didn’t mention it. Good that it can drop with that anoint now.


I received an elemental Old God on day one that the DLC was released. So no, no it was not bugged and prevented from dropping in-game as you stated. Sorry, but this is simply incorrect because I have them still in my bank. It may be rare, but not impossible.

Myself and many others farmed the Old God repeatedly and NEVER received an ASE 50% dmg anoint. You are the only person that I’ve heard say that they got one. I farmed Amach, Tom & Xam and The Empowered Grawn for countless hours, many times and it never showed.

I’m glad to hear that it can drop but for the love of RNGesus, they need to increase the frequency of it.

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